School kids help local business

Students at Clifton Hunter High School and Cayman Prep and High School have used their skills in graphic design and information technology to help boost business for a local store. 

The Year 10 students at the GCSE graphics course at Clifton Hunter, under the supervision of teacher Hamish Hamilton, designed posters, flyers, gift certificates and business cards for Beach Bubbles in Bodden Town, while the Year 11 pupils in business classes at Cayman Prep designed a website and came up with advertisements for the shop. 

Nina Squires, owner of Bodden Town’s Beach Bubbles, which sells her handmade soaps, as well as jewellery, gifts and souvenirs, said she was extremely grateful to the children. 

“They were all great kids who were kind and considerate and wanted to help,” Ms Squires said. 

Having run into some difficulties lately, Ms Squires said the website, advertising campaign, posters and business cards would be extremely helpful in getting the word out about her business, which currently relies mostly on word of mouth. 

The project not only helps out Ms Squires but counts toward the students’ IGCSEs and GCSEs. 

Clifton Hunter’s Mr. Hamilton explained that part of the class’ course work involved coming up with graphic products for advertising. “I thought it’d be better for them to work with someone with a real business than to just make a virtual one up,” he said. 

The school children from Clifton Hunter visited the store, to sample some of its products, take pictures and get a feel for the place before returning to the classroom to design logos and advertising messages on their computers. 

Their payment for their efforts were some of Ms Squires’ unique, handmade soaps, made from local products, including fruits, oils and goats milk. The Clifton Hunter kids said her mango soaps were their favourite, while the students at Cayman Prep liked her neem soaps, which they said worked wonders on acne. 

Cayman Prep teacher Natalie Jordan explained that her students took part in a competition to design business cards and poster advertising for the shop and its products.  

“Jetena Bodden was one of the winners of the business card design,” she said. “It was a competition and every Year 11 IGCSE Business students had to take part. We have 35 students across the two business classes and all joined in.  

“They have a unit all about marketing and this project covered all aspects, from how to finance a company, how to make a product, how to market and advertise it and how to do a marketing plan. It also taught them all about innovation and how important the product itself is,” said Ms Jordan, who along with another business teacher Melanie Hydes and Ms Squires judged the competition.  

Gift packs of toiletries from Beach Bubbles were awarded as prizes. 

“The competition was great for students to put theory into practice to help with their upcoming examinations in May,” Ms Jordan said. “More than that it enabled them to be part of the community and help out a local business whose products they love and wanted to help sell. The project was a way to help us bring the classroom alive and at the same time help out a local entrepreneur who is such a real part of island life here in the Cayman islands with her natural products.” 

Ana Olsen in Prep’s Year 11 has been busily working on a website for Beach Bubbles which is scheduled to go live next week. She has also created a presence for the store on Twitter and Facebook. 


Clifton Hunter graphics class

Students at Clifton Hunter High School, from left, Catherine Cantillano, Civon Harriott, Zakarae Rankin, Bessy Zuniga, Diego Rodriquez and Matthew-Ethan Blair, display their graphic designs for Beach Bubbles. – PHOTO: NORMA CONNOLLY