Gas company to simulate emergency

Home Gas will stage a mock emergency at its plant on Walkers Road on Wednesday morning, 28 March, to gauge how fire and emergency services respond to a propane gas-related disaster in Grand Cayman. 

Although simulated emergency situations, such as plane crashes and hurricanes, have been held in the Cayman Islands during the past, this will be the first time a catastrophe involving 
propane gas will be staged. 

“We want the public to know that it is just an exercise and there is no need to be alarmed,” said Katie O’Neill of Home Gas.  

“There may be emergency vehicles in the area. They will simply be participating in this exercise to facilitate an understanding of what needs to be done in 
the event of a real emergency.” 

Dayne Brady, general manager of Home Gas, said the exercise was “long overdue” and he had been trying to get a simulated emergency of the gas plant off the 
ground for years. 

The emergency exercise will take place sometime between 9am and noon on Wednesday. 

Parties involved in the staged emergency, including emergency medical services, the fire department, hazard management, 911 services and police, were scheduled to meet on Tuesday to discuss the exercise and a debriefing will be held immediately after the simulated disaster. 

Dennis Cruise, a trainer and exercise facilitator, arrived in Grand Cayman on Monday to help organise the disaster exercise. 

Home Gas is not disclosing exactly what the fake disaster will involve, as it wants the situation to be as realistic as possible, without emergency services knowing in advance precisely what they will be dealing with – as in any emergency situation. 

It could involve a propane gas leak or an explosion or other emergency that may call for an evacuation of the plant.  

Ms O’Neill said Wednesday’s exercise would not involve an evacuation of the area near 
the plant.