Leadership Cayman group explores Sister Islands issues

Participants of Leadership Cayman 2012 recently had the opportunity to visit Cayman Brac for the organisation’s fourth seminar titled “Sister Islands Perspective”. The group stayed at the Brac Reef Resort and toured several key facilities of the island including Faith Hospital, the Government Administration Building and the Brac Power & Light plant.  

Guest speakers included Member of the Legislative Assembly Moses Kirkconnell, District Commissioner Ernie Scott, General Manager of Brac Power & Light Jonathan Tibbetts and Head of Arts and Technology at Layman E. Scott High School Ventisha Conolly.  

The participants learned of the unique challenges and issues facing the Sister Islands, including the islands’ reliance on two main pillars of the economy: tourism and government, and the fact that the latter employs approximately 75 per cent of the workforce in Cayman Brac.  

“It was an extremely enlightening seminar, which provided us a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of the social and economic intricacies of the Sister Islands. We were extremely privileged to have such distinguished speakers and interact with the leaders of these islands”, said Faramarz Romer, one of the Leadership Cayman participants.  

Sponsors of the seminar were Cayman Airways and The Brac Reef Resort. Seminar organisers were Phil Jackson, Cindy Downing and Faramarz Romer.  

Leadership Cayman is a dynamic, intensive, interactive, six-month experience designed to promote and enhance community leadership through an in-depth introduction to social, economic, business and political issues in the Cayman Islands. The group’s members interact with diverse, high-level community leaders and decision makers by organising and attending a series of seminars and retreats in fields ranging from business, government, education, media, social services, criminal justice, diversity and the arts. Through these interactions, members learn about their personal leadership styles, nourish their community spirit and gain invaluable understanding of how the community works. 

LC Sister Islands Cayman

The Leadership Cayman group are seen with guest speakers in Cayman Brac.