Editorial for 28 March: Make way for emergency

Expect an emergency today.

More specifically, expect it in the neighbourhood of Home
Gas on Walkers Road.

The gas company will stage a mock emergency today to ensure
that its employees know how to react in the event of an unexpected hazardous

The exercise is a training tool. If you’re going to train to
be the best, then you have to be prepared for the worst.

Fortunately Home Gas hasn’t experienced any emergencies of
the magnitude that will be played out today.

From the exercise it is hoped that the employees of Home Gas
will find out what its problems are and try and identify them before any real

And it’s not just training for Home Gas staffers.

Others involved in the emergency will include emergency
medical services, the fire department, hazard management, 911 services and

Ask anyone in the business of handling emergencies and
they’ll tell you the more they practice their role in an emergency the more
likely they are to stay calm and fall into those roles during the real event.

The Cayman Islands has staged many emergency situations
through its history, mostly dealing with the airport and hurricanes.

Through those exercises our emergency crews have been better
able to handle disasters when they arose.

Getting through Hurricane Ivan in 2004 was a testament to
successful disaster drills in the past.

So when you see the flashing lights of police, fire trucks
or ambulances this morning, please do the right thing and pull over.

It’s one of the things that many people who drive on
Cayman’s roads fail to do – yield for emergency vehicles.

By letting the vehicles get through to the staging area, you
too will be doing your part to help Home Gas in this exercise to improve
response to disasters.

Once the simulated emergency has ended those involved will
get together for a post mortem to determine what worked, what didn’t,  what needs to change and how to implement
those changes.