Run to the thrills

Sea, sun, swift boats, beautiful people, beer, ice cream, friends, holidays: always cool. 

And as magnificent luck would have it, all of these things will be on offer over Easter weekend during the Ugland Offshore Racing Million Dollar Run 2012. 

The brilliance begins on Thursday, 5 April with the Captains’ Cocktail Reception, hosted by Captain Andreas Ugland at the ace Cayman Motor Museum. It’s a great chance for teams, captains, sponsors to socialise and presents the final chance to register for race day Monday. 

The next evening, Friday 6 April, sees the official kick-off party at the High Roller VIP Lounge at Elements Night Club, The Strand. Actually, the party kicks off technically-speaking at 12.01am on Saturday morning, but that’s far too precise a time to all arrive at once and anyway by that time of night the concept of clocks tends to get a little fuzzy. 

Plenty of time to sleep in on Saturday, should you so wish, because from 2pm to 5pm at Camana Bay there will be a brilliant chance to view some of the competing boats, plus selected special cars from the Cayman Motor Museum. Later that evening, there’s a social event for captains, sponsors and officials which will be held at Ortanique, Camana Bay. 


Race day Monday 

Awesome fun though all of this is, all bods will be headed down to Royal Palms on Monday, 9 April for the Ugland Offshore Racing Million Dollar Run, 2012. 

As in 2011, we are told, the race will consist of three boat classes continuing to broaden the range of those wishing to compete in the Ugland Offshore Racing Million Dollar Run 2012. Pleasure Class, introduced in 2011, is a new class for fishermen style/leisure boats and new captains who would like to get involved in the event. The Circuit Class is open to experienced captains and medium performance crafts. The Offshore Class is designed for the most experienced captains and high performance crafts.  

Launched in 2011, Thunder Run, the new circuit for Jet Skis, will take place also. Two division classes are available for registration; Pro-Am Open and Expert Limited. 

Featuring an exciting rolling start, the race route starts from the Marriott Beach Resort area about 300 yards offshore and crafts hit their stride right in front of Royal Palms. Crafts then continue up the world-famous Seven Mile Beach heading west toward Public Beach continuing to North West Point before making a turn and heading back south toward Thompson Mooring in George Town making a final sharp turn before heading back to Royal Palms. 

For the poker run element of the race, cards are chosen randomly before, during and after the race to form a full, five-card hand for each captain at the race’s conclusion. 

Of course, all are welcome to join this free, family-friendly event. VIBE 98.9FM and SPIN 94.9FM will be providing entertainment all day, and food and drinks will be on sale. 

Meet the captains 

The Ugland Offshore Racing Million Dollar Run attracts a high calibre of captains. Several captains return year-after-year including Andreas Ugland Sr., Dale Crighton and Bob Watler. 


Andreas Ugland Sr. 

Participating for the 10th year in a row, Andreas Ugland Sr. of Ugland Offshore Racing will be participating in the Offshore Class. A longtime resident of the Cayman Islands, Ugland is no stranger to the world of racing. As owner of the globally-recognised Ugland Offshore Racing team, he has a reputation for capturing some of the world’s most illustrious offshore racing titles. Since the debut of his team in 1991, Ugland has won European, National and World titles largely due to the uncompromising partnership of Mr. Ugland and Norwegian racing legend Jann Hillestad. Andreas Ugland is the chairman of the Queensgate Bank and Trust in the Cayman Islands. 


Dale Crighton 

A Caymanian entrepreneur, Dale Crighton returns to defend his title for the third year in a row as Best Time in the Offshore Circuit class with his 42-foot Fountain Heavy Metal. Crighton is one of Cayman’s most successful young businessmen and manages most of his family’s extensive holdings in the Cayman Islands, which include developments ranging from high-end homes to large-scale residential complexes. 


Bob Watler 

Winner of the Ugland Offshore Racing Million Dollar Run 2010 Best Hand in the poker run, this Caymanian entrepreneur looks to be the man to beat in both the Best Craft and Best Crew categories. His flawless 38-foot Donzi, Happy Ours II, boasts just under 1,000 horsepower. 


Fast, frenetic and fabulous – the Million Dollar Run is amazing. – Photo: Stephen Clarke