Shot fired, victims tied up

Two similar incidents within month

For the second time this month, robbery victims have been tied up during a heist inside a home in Grand Cayman.  

A shot was fired during the robbery early Thursday at a condominium complex on West Bay Road, the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service reported. According to police, the robbery occurred around 3.50am in an apartment at Seagull Condominiums. 

The Seagull complex is located just south of the Royal Palms-Reef Grill on West Bay Road. The building where the robbery occurred is just off the road on the sea side, further away from the beach. 

The three men were inside the home – two residents and one visitor – when three suspects came in through an 
unsecured door, police said. Two of the men were tied up during the incident and a third slept through the entire ordeal.  

The shot was fired by one of the suspects in the kitchen area, but no one was hit and no one was injured otherwise during the hold up.  

No arrests were immediately reported.  

Items stolen included a Mac laptop computer, an iPod and cell phones, police said.  

The three suspects were described as black males , slim build and tall, one being about 6’ 3” and all wearing hoodies and denim jeans with their faces covered. 

Second tie up 

An armed robbery that involved three victims being tied up by their assailants at another George Town condo complex earlier in March was not immediately reported to police.  

The Caymanian Compass was notified of the incident via an e-mail that went out to residents at the Lakeside Villas condos along the Esterley Tibbetts Highway on 7 March.  

According to the management company’s statement on the incident: “Four masked men with machetes and a gun accosted a resident of Lakeside while [he was] returning to his apartment. They entered the apartment tied up the three occupants, stealing some cash and a few pieces of jewellery. They did not harm the three occupants of the apartment.”  

Apparently, the robbery happened sometime after midnight in the early morning hours of Monday, 5 March. Residents of the complex told the Compass that the suspects in the incident waited in the stairwell of the building where the robbery occurred to confront the man.  

It was not immediately clear why police had not been contacted immediately about the robbery.  

A police spokesperson declined to discuss specific details of the robbery: “We received a report late [Tuesday] morning of an incident at Lakeside that had occurred some 12 hours earlier.  

The facts of the matter have not yet been established and police enquiries are ongoing.”  

Police have never released any further information about the Lakeside robbery despite repeated requests. They did not specify Thursday if there was any potential connection between the 5 March robbery and the one that occurred 
Thursday morning. 


  1. I beseech or leader to return from the tall grass of Cuba and confront this crime issue. What is it going to take for you to take crime seriously? The criminals do.

  2. Bugeach, What it’s going to take is for the leaders to think that the people or excuse me the Concerned Citizens are taking it seriously. People protest everything but crime in Cayman, it’s become so common place that for the most part it seems that no one really cares or they’re benefiting from it somehow.

    The type of things that are being stolen are being fenced and sold locally so someone has to know something, it’s just that it’s not a big deal..

  3. Seriously bugeach…..What is the point If Bush comes back from Cuba and says he’s going to clamp down on crime.

    There are just those that will protest the total opposite, that we don’t have enough crime.

    Maybe Mr. Bush needs to say he’s promoting crime, then those that protest against everything, will protest and say no to crime.

    BRILLIANT….Mr. Bush just needs to use reverse psychology on these dolts.

    So, that’s the strategy.

    Bush say’s no to a dump in bodden town. BAM idiot protesters will want a dump in bodden town, cause it’s not fair George town has one.

    Bush will say no to the beach road, and then the protesters will want a beach road.

    That is the new campaign slogan. tell them they can’t have it, and they will protest for it.

  4. Forget about RCIPS, take this down the old fashion way. These folks were targeted after hours of drinking. Add designated deterrent to the designated driver’s list of responsibilities. Lie in wait for the robbers. First perp through the door, wham, baseball bat to the head. Take gun and shoot fleeing perps 2 3 in the back. No more crime from these 3 hoodie losers.
    Just my 2.69 cents worth.

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