Fake cash on Brac

Police are warning the public to be on the lookout for fake US$10 and US$100 bills after counterfeit notes were found circulating on Cayman Brac.

Officers from Cayman Brac police station and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service’s Financial Crime Unit are reminding the public and the business community to be vigilant after a small number of the fake US currency was passed to businesses on the island over the past few days.

Police are asking people to take a few extra seconds to check all notes that come into their possession. Particular attention should be paid to the metallic strip and to the watermark.

The Financial Crime Unit advises the following:

If you receive a counterfeit note, or suspect one to be counterfeit, observe the description of the person passing the note, as well as that of any companions.

Do not return the note to the passer if possible. Instead, initial and date the white border of the note, then tag the note with a copy of the transaction receipt and call the police.

If you have counterfeit report forms issued by the Financial Crime Unit, obtain as much information as possible from the person passing the note and write it on the form.

Secure any CCTV footage.

The RCIPS form for reporting counterfeit money can be found on the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority website, cimoney.com.ky, under “Currency”.
Anyone who wants further information about how to identify counterfeit currency, or how to spot real notes from fake notes, should contact the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit at 949-8797.

100 bill

Fake $100 and $10 have been found on Cayman Brac.

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