Give us water, please

Water! Water! Please save my life; give me water! Have you experienced unquenchable thirst or have you only read these words in novels or heard them in movies? Water is the most miraculous and spiritual of all the planets resources. And a great percentage of the human body is comprised of water so much so that even in the womb the unborn child is nourished in water. Water keeps us clean and healthy and some of the most important medical healings were and still are dependent on good old H2O.

Only an insane and deranged people would allow their water supply to fall into the hands of foreign capitalist with no other objective than to make super profits to buy politicians and maintain their control of governments.

It is said all the time that Caymanians are blessed with common sense and I too have great faith in this fact. Why then would the present political directorate continue to press for the privatisation of our water supply? Why would East Enders demonstrate to protect our natural water supplies that are not being used for our day-to-day hygiene and survival yet the entire Islands are not up in arms to stop the UDP government from continuing to press forward with the selling off of our Water Authority assets?

The answer is perhaps too simple as to question. Caymanians that are great believers in common sense have still not accepted that our elected UDP government is not interested anymore in finding long term solutions to Caymanian desire to have control over Cayman’s land and resources.

They are more interested in pursuing political independence than in continuing to develop and preserve Caymanian economic control over Caymanian resources. And if the UDP would sell off our water supplies to foreigners what else would they sell? I suspect they would sell if they have not already made arrangements to do so; us as well!

I might seem hard on the UDP but they have been given three years to prove their collective intelligence and their responsibility and concern for this country, its people and resources.

We have so little already and I hate to say that he that has little will have less and even that shall be taken away; because in spite of my harsh criticism of the UDP I do not see what the alternative PPM will do if elected again. And unfortunately everyone I speak to that might be interested in running for politics in 2013 is convinced they must run with one of the two existing political parties if they are to gain the necessary financial and human resources need to seriously contest an election in Bodden Town or especially George Town.

It is well known that for the last 30 or so years the election of candidates have largely been determined by a few political heavy weights in the foreground and background and that once elected politicians lose their political independence and become ponds of the one or two powerful members of parliament and the money people who pay for elections.

I know so many politicians that say they would never spend their own money on elections and thus the electoral system has been and still is dependent on those in the background that have a vested interest in forming relationships with our political leaders for the sole purpose of gaining indirect control of our decision making process.

Whatever may be said about Frank McField I have never been the boy of the fat cats that have influenced elections. In the last election I spent my own money to campaign not because I stood any chance of winning but because I thought it important to support financially my statements to the people, unimpeded by what the results would be or what people would be saying about me.

The one man one vote or the establishment of single member constituencies may be Cayman’s last opportunity to take political control out of the hands of the people with money; people who care little about whether there is good governance or not, so long as they achieve their economic objectives with as little financial outlay as possible.

I thank God that there now seems to be a great thirst in these Islands for political education and good governance.

The one man one vote is the UDP’s Waterloo if they accept the people’s demands or not; and perhaps the introduction of this also not perfect electoral system might be a great way of saving our Water Authority; because if the UDP is given another term, thirst may be for supper.


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