Premier: Referendum question decided

A day after announcing there would be a referendum on the ‘one man, one vote’ issue in July, Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush announced the wording of the referendum question that is expected to be on the ballot.

Mr. Bush said during a Thursday broadcast address that the government has decided, under section 69 of the Constitution, the question the public will vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ upon come 18 July.

“Do you support an electoral system of single-member constituencies with each elector being entitled to cast only one vote?”

Mr. Bush told the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday that the referendum question would be decided as soon as possible.  

“We are going on an education campaign to educate the people of this country and that question , or perhaps questions, will be made known as soon as possible, but definitely when we begin the campaign,” Mr. Bush told Opposition Leader Alden McLaughlin.

The Premier said the proposal for single-member districts was merely a political effort by members of the opposition political party.

“There is no high-minded academic principle behind their arguments for changing the voting system,” Mr. Bush said in his address. “It is political opportunism, pure and simple.”

Please read the full story in Monday’s Caymanian Compass….



  1. Wrong Question!
    Do you support an electoral system of single-member constituencies with each elector being entitled to cast only one vote?

    Of course people support it. That’s obvious.
    But by answering Yes doesn’t mean it will happen in any manner.

    It’s only a question of one’s opinion, not action nor implementation!


  2. One would think that the supporters of the referendum would be pleased with this news and the question publicly stated before the press to the world. Instead I hear and read mostly anger and mistrust from many. The ball is in the court of the people who can vote let democracy decide.

  3. Whose advice/opinion -legal, constitutional – was sought before this question was framed? We all know that the precise framing of a question for public opinion or a referendum is utterly important for the likely result.
    Did the UK Government approve it? Was the Governor consulted before our Premier announced it?
    We won’t get answers – of course – but we can only hope that the outcome of the referendum will be crystal clear and that My Government courtesy of Mr Bush, will act upon it. Fingers crossed.

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