Stop abuse of women

We go about our daily lives, most of us, working for a living and not really having much time if any to think about the problems of others.

But sometimes you must stop and really take a real good look at what’s going on around you and perhaps you might even find out that you can help someone to live better.

What I am writing about is the many women on this Island that find themselves with children in a pretty big mess.

For example, look at the Caymanian women that have a baby, or I must say some children, for an outside man; meaning a man from a place other than Cayman and they were married for about five years and then broke up.

They were renting, but the man has gone to America and has divorced the Caymanian woman. All of a sudden she joins other women in her position and her life is in one big mess; worse if she does not have a job.

Another look at more and more Cayman men doing the same thing to Cayman women and women from the outside world that have children for them here.

They and their children find their backs against the wall and the number of people that are affected is growing. More and more women are now the daddy and the mom. Trying to manage this life in this position is not easy.

The women that find themselves in this position that have good jobs and a house of her own is a little better off, but still finds herself with a lot of stress trying to keep up. The ones without a job and a house that have to pay rent, God only knows how they really manage.

So to all those women here on Grand Cayman that feel trodden under the weight of the stress that you are under because that man is not there in the life of you and your child or children that you had for him; to all those women who do not have that job, that house, that find it hard to make ends meet, don’t give up.

Hold your head up high, for the Lord will not give you more than you can bear.

We should not have women and children in the positions that I know they are in here in Cayman. It has gotten so bad here with our women that they go missing without a trace, leaving behind their children for some other poor women to take care of.

We need to stop and take better care of our women and children here on Grand Cayman; even women that get pregnant for someone while working with us here in Cayman.

If the father is Caymanian and she only has a permit, our immigration will send the baby to her country or sometimes her permit is cancelled and she is also sent home.

At least this is what I was made to understand about the permit worker. What have we become?

And I have not even mentioned the mothers of children locked up in prison or even the fathers and husbands with their wives and children without them.

When we really take a good look at this and the crime problem, we are lucky we still have a peaceful Cayman.

Now, to the present government and all those that call yourselves wise, try your very best to help the women on Cayman that are in the problems I have written about. Do not play lip service with this, because you are now in the position at this present time to help.

As the song says, Not too long from now women may be the ones to run this whole country. And when we help the women, remember, we help the mothers of us all. Stop the abuse of all women in all ways.

Emile S. Levy


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