East Enders angling for good times

East End residents will have a good time celebrating their history soon.

The Stanford Rankine Memorial fishing tournament is slated to take place this Saturday, 28 April. Anglers will be able to fish from 6am to 4pm with weigh-in taking place 4-6pm at the East End Heritage Field.

The competition, which honours East End’s maritime heritage, has been taking place since 2008. Organizers enjoyed a memorable 2011 tournament as 70 plus boats competed featuring the likes of Arden McLean and Gary Rutty.

As with most angling competitions, focus will be on fishing around Grand Cayman’s waters. The three main categories are deep-sea, bottom and shore fishing. Expect anglers to target big-game species like dolphin, yellowfin tuna and wahoo and traditional catches like snapper. There is a considerable focus on junior fishermen and fishing families like the Sherieffs (dad Ernie, daughter Brandi and son Azzan).

Some 13 prizes are on offer with corporate support from the likes of Burger King, Pirate’s Cove Bar and LIME.

There are no line class restrictions (any size line can be used including wire) and the actual fishing area is between the Frank Sound Channel and North Side Channel. A maximum of four anglers are allowed per boat with each paying a $5 entrance fee that includes a T-shirt.

Tournament registration is slated for this Friday, 27 April, at the East End Heritage Field from 6pm to 8pm. Saturday’s event will see free refreshments on offer like fish tea and fritters.

For more information, call 925-5543 or 927-8649 or e-mail [email protected]

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