New firm trading in trash

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – something that the recently formed trash removal service, Junk, is well aware of. The founders of this new company are driven by the desire to build a greener Cayman Islands and are making every effort to make their operation as environmentally-sound as possible.

Junk collects unwanted items and trash from homes, offices and businesses, but avoids sending them to the landfill whenever possible.

“The company tries its best to give any usable items to charities first, recycling second, and only when those two are exhausted, to carry items to the landfill,” said Jason Brown, one of the founders.

Unwanted but serviceable items such as furniture, office equipment and appliances are offered to charities.

“Charities who want to partner with Junk are invited to call the company. We have reached out to a number of charities who are discussing our free proposals,” Mr. Brown said. “Our only thought as a fledgling company is to try to give back to the community.”

Junk pledges to recycle any materials it can, despite the lack of recycling services in Grand Cayman. The firm stockpiles certain recyclable materials and periodically ships it to partners in the United States for processing.

An additional way in which Junk endeavours to limit the quantity of trash the ends up in the landfill is through “freecycling”, whereby unwanted items are stored for 30 days and anybody wanting these items may collect them, free of charge.

“If people are aware that they [unwanted items] are available and that they can get them for free, that may be a catalyst for someone using those items rather than sending it to the landfill. If there is a place where these items are published there can perhaps be a market created,” Mr Brown hopes.

Junk will also be offering a “junkvalet” service to condos and hotels, whereby designated containers for glass, aluminium, paper and plastic will be provided by the company. Residents can place these outside their door and the company will empty them on a regular basis.

“We are a start up with limited resources, despite having big dreams of a greener Cayman,” Mr. Brown said. Junk’s main objective is to get more waste recycled in Cayman. The variety of services the company offers are all designed to help fund this vision.

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