What’s happening at Uncle Luke’s?

Please allow me this opportunity to voice my concerns and raise questions in relation to the project in progress in the area of Uncle Luke’s pond next to Salt Creek.

Anyone who knows me would agree that I have spent my whole life working hard for what I own. Therefore, it does not make any sense to me to keep quiet and allow someone to destroy all that I have worked for and this Island, which I call home.

I own the property next to Jackson’s Pond, which borders Uncle Luke’s Pond. It was my understanding that Uncle Luke’s Pond would be dug deeper, not larger when the construction of the road began. Lately I have observed the land around Uncle Luke’s Pond being cleared and three drill rigs hard at work getting ready to enlarge Uncle Luke’s Pond and it’s been rumoured that another 20 or more acres will be added to Uncle Luke’s Pond for the purposes of a safe harbour or perhaps a mega yacht base.

My questions are: Is this the safe harbour that was promised to the boaters? And if so, why wasn’t this development not advertised in the newspaper and the land owners in the surrounding areas not notified?

As this is the normal procedure for any development of this nature. If this is a fact, I wonder why those in Planning didn’t think about how much danger this will create to the home owners living in the surrounding areas in bad weather and otherwise, which I decline to further comment on at this time.

I hope that I will hear a sensible explanation to my questions in the near future before the project is completed and not thereafter.

Fred Jackson Sr.

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