Editorial for 25 April: Who exactly is for Cayman?

Politics being what it is, we fully expect opponents within
various political parties anywhere in the world to go at it hammer and tongs at
every available opportunity.

So when UK Labour Party members demand an investigation of
Lord David Blencathra, a member of the House of Lords who is also being paid as
a lobbyist by the Cayman Islands, it’s only natural and correct they would do

We’re just not sure why any Cayman Islands MLAs would help them.

After all, we’re quite sure those members recall the days of
Operation Tempura; $10 million spent, nothing gained. We’re quite certain the
charge for direct taxation in the Cayman Islands – led by the UK MP known by
the nickname ‘Captain Underpants’ – was led by these very same individuals
within the previous Labour government.

For the Cayman Islands to be successful in the rough and
tumble world of political lobbying and the high stakes game of international
finance, we need people there who know the players and understand the rules.

If the UK, particularly members of the Labour Party, has a
problem with such a person being employed by the Cayman Islands government, so
be it.

Our financial services industry, recently called by the more
reasonable current UK Overseas Territories Minister Henry Bellingham “the envy
of most other countries in the world”, is responsible for more than 50 per cent
of the government’s annual revenue.

If it fails or bolts the jurisdiction, where will the money
for the public service come from?

So the local opponents of Cayman hiring someone like Lord
Blencathra believe what exactly? That we shouldn’t have a credible, established
voice at the negotiating table when Cayman’s name is called? That hiring an
experienced lobbyist to represent what is absolutely the most crucial industry
to government in the Islands today is a bad move?

Forgive us for wondering if individuals who make these
statements really have the best interests of these Islands at heart.



  1. Your (Editorial) opinion is that Lord Blencathra is a credible established voice. Others are of the opinion that he is NOT credible, and have provided links to stories that support their opinion.
    You also make the distinction that it is Labour Party members calling for an investigation, whilst I am of the opinion that a crook is a crook regardless of his/her political beliefs.

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