Triple C celebrates accreditation

Students graduating from Triple C in the future will have an easier path to get into institutions of higher learning.

Mrs. Mabel Richardson, principal of Triple C said the school has been awarded initial accreditation with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.

“This accreditation is a mark of quality that signifies our commitment to educational excellence as it is a voluntary process validated by peer review and involving systematic self-evaluation against nationally accepted standards. Triple C can take pride in this accreditation and so can our community,” she said.

As an accredited school, Triple C is part of the advanced network of 30,000 schools and systems in over 70 countries that are committed to continuous quality improvement through accreditation. Transcripts of Triple C graduates will now be readily accepted in institutions of higher learning globally.

Mrs. Richardson said, “Triple C is already accredited by the Association of Christian Schools Internationally. We give thanks to Mrs. Marjorie Ebanks for the great accomplishments she has made at the helm of the school for over 30 years. We have taken the time to reflect upon our accomplishments but at the same time we have been proactive in revaluating our programme offerings and we have sought ways to improve our new curriculum that resulted in a significant increase in our standardized test scores on last year, allowing us to remain competitive in the marketplace.”

Beginning in 2013 to 2014, Triple C will be adding more field trips to sites in Grand Cayman and abroad to “…..lift the curriculum from the text book in a more sensory manner by incorporating trips in the fourth grade to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, in the eighth grade to Washington, DC, and in the 11th grade to a European or South American country,” noted Mrs. Richardson, who added that most importantly the emphasis would be on teaching children to think critically.

As part of the 20 April proceedings, government officials from the Ministry of Education, as well as Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush gave remarks regarding the achievement, with the Mr. Bush formally conferring the certificate of accreditation to the school.

Education Minister Rolston Anglin told the audience, “The world needs more than people who can learn. Integrity and service are also important. It is about the whole child and I want to congratulate Triple C on their efforts.”

Premier McKeeva Bush recalled that Triple C was the first private school in the Cayman Islands, as well as the first American style school. He said the school had left an “indelible impression on our educational heritage.”

He added that hundreds of individuals have graduated from the institution, which has set the tone for other private schools, while playing a critical role in fostering our Christian heritage.

“For every step this school takes it owes to many pioneers who have worked tirelessly to make it what it is today. I have always admired the teachers and how well dressed they are, the lives they lead and the decorum they display is impeccable,” said Mr. Bush. He urged the children: “Grasp this opportunity in your lives, as it will not come again. The Islands need your expertise.”


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