It was a Massive endeavour

Cayman’s cycling scene is in robust health as shown by the turnout for the Massive 100 Mile Challenge.

The event on 15 April, which saw participants take on a 100 mile ride through all the districts of Grand Cayman, drew a field of around 100 participants in spite of the extremely windy conditions and the 5.30am start time.

It was a non-competitive fun ride, with the main group sticking together for most of the route, which took cyclists from Seven Mile Public Beach through West Bay and out to the Eastern Districts, all the way to Rum Point. Many also opted to wear the commemorative event cycling jerseys for the ride, unifying the group even more.

The organisers provided a refuelling stop at the Frank Sound Road junction, which the cyclists passed through three times. With everything from shade and chairs for the weary to cold water, energy drinks, bananas, oranges, cookies and many other energy replenishing snacks, the stop helped many a fatigued rider get back on the bike and complete the mammoth task. Then again, it might have been the promise of a pasta, courtesy of Ristorante Pappagallo, once they reached the finish line back at Seven Mile Beach that kept the participants going.

Rather than see who could complete the ride in the fastest time, many stronger cyclists elected to hang back and assist those who were making their first attempt at the distance, seeing to it that anyone who wanted to finish could push through and make it all the way.

“I had several persons mention how they really enjoyed the rest stops provided by Massive which had lots of goodies for refuelling. In addition, the pasta meal at the end was very enjoyable – thanks again to Pappagallo’s,” said Katrina Ebanks of the cycling association.

“Those cyclists who had attended the 100 mile events in the past said that overall, this was the best organised 100 mile event ever,” she said.

David Kirkaldy of event sponsor Massive said that working with the cycling association to put together the event.

He said: “This was the second year we sponsored the 100 mile challenge ride, now known as the Massive 100 Mile Challenge. The event is now a fixture on the cycling calendar and growing every year and Massive is pleased to offer support. The event was sponsored by Massive Equipment Rental and Sales Ltd, and our other companies Massive Media Ltd. and Fireworks Ltd.

“In addition to the financial support, we were able to use our rental resources to provide tents, tables and chairs, portable toilets, music, and light towers to make the event easier and more fun for the participants.”

Association president Craig Merren, who had kept a close eye on all the participants during the ride from his perch in the officials’ car, thanked all of the sponsors for their help in putting the event together, as well as all of the volunteers and marshals.

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