Online poll: Residents prefer weekends in Miami

Most poll takers are ready for some time off the rock

Miami is the most popular regional weekend destination that has direct flight service for Cayman Islands residents, according to the results of last week’s poll. 

Of the 756 total respondents, 312 of them – 41.2 per cent – said they were most likely to go to Miami for a long weekend. 

“I could go to any one of those destinations, but for a long weekend, chances are it would be Miami,” said one person. 

“Were it not for the tickets being so expensive for such a short flight,” said someone else. “Why is it cheaper to fly from the Bahamas to the US? Jamaica is a short stop and I know many residents would go for a weekend … but again, the monopoly of Cayman Airways makes it an expensive choice. I do, however, support the national airline and they do go the extra mile for their customers.” 

“Miami, but Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are a close second.” 

Let’s go to Panama 

The soon-to-begin Cayman Airways route has apparently attracted interest in Panama, as the second largest segment of respondents – 117 people or 15.5 – said they were most likely to go to the Central American country for a long weekend.  

“I have never been, and would like to visit,” said one person. 


Sisters weigh in 

Another 114 people – 15.1 per cent – said they were most likely to go to Cayman Brac or Little Cayman for a long weekend, and 86 people – 11.4 per cent – said Cuba was the most likely regional destination with direct flight service to which they would travel for a long weekend. 

Somewhat surprisingly, only 70 people – 9.3 per cent – said they were most likely to go to Jamaica for a long weekend. 

Another 57 people – 7.5 per cent – responded ‘other’ to the question, with Tampa receiving 18 of those votes. 

“Either Jamaica or Miami,” said one person. “Anywhere I can afford to go, said someone else.  

“We recently went to Honduras,” said one person. “I highly recommend going, plus the prices are fantastic as well as the people.” Honduras got three other votes as well. 

“Unfortunately Honduras was forgotten here, which would have placed just after Miami no doubt,” said one person. 

“New York,” said another person. “The direct CAL flight makes this trip easy and there’s just so much to do in the Big Apple.” 


Other sites 

Several other places that weren’t really regional destinations and don’t really offer long weekend flight schedules, but have direct flight service were named. 

Others getting votes included Atlanta (2), Philadelphia (2), Toronto (2), Nassau, Bahamas, Charlotte, and Houston. 

One person responded Dallas, apparently in anticipation to Cayman Airway’s direct flight service slated to begin in a couple months. 


Next week’s poll question 

What do you think Premier McKeeva Bush should do now that it’s been announced he is involved in three separate police investigations? 

He should resign as premier and as a Member of the Legislative 
Assembly immediately 

He should step down as premier but remain an MLA until the investigations are completed 

He should remain premier and MLA until the investigations are completed 

I don’t know 

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