Plan B tearing up foes in Atco

Donald Francis is on his way to becoming an international drag racing star.

The North Side resident competed at the Import Drag Performance Speed Shop Honday Day 2012. The race was held in Atco Raceway in Atco, New Jersey earlier this month.

Francis, 22, states it was an exhilarating event.

“The meet involved bracket racing and I made it to the semis before being eliminated,” Francis said. “It was a good feeling. Over 40,000 people cheering for you when you come to the (starting) line, it’s hard to explain. My legs were shaking, I was so afraid of messing up.”

The Cayman Islands Water Authority engineering assistant ran his white Honda Civic Type-R nicknamed Plan B. Francis states the car was rated at 606 horsepower on 21 pounds of boost at its current garage in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. At Atco, which is a National Hot Rod Association track, the car produced a 1/4 mile time of 10.27 seconds at 140 miles per hour.

For the record, Import DPS is a performance parts company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It sponsors meets geared specifically for Hondas and Acuras on the East Coast. Atco Raceway is the oldest continually operating drag strip in New Jersey and Honda Day 2012 (which was actually a two-day event) drew the largest crowd in the track’s 54-year history.

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