Editorial for 30 April: Putting wildlife’s fate in danger

An injustice is about to be committed on Cayman Brac.

That is if the members of the Legislative Assembly approve a
bill to strip Salt Water Pond of its designation as an animal sanctuary.

In fact, it is the only animal sanctuary so designated on
the second largest of the three Cayman Islands.

Plans have been in the works since 2009 when it was
announced that the pond would be dredged to the sea to create a marina.

Salt Water Pond, also known as Dennis Point Pond, is classed
as an animal sanctuary by the Animals Law and as such an environmentally
protected area that is home to several bird species. The coastal area near the
pond, which would also be impacted by the development, is classed both as a
marine park and a replenishment zone.

When the plans were first announced in 2009 it was
reportedly said there was not wildlife in the pond.

That’s poppycock.

Cayman Free Press has photographs of ducks swimming there.

The bill that would remove the pond’s designation said it is
needed because the pond, at times, stinks.

What pond in the Cayman Islands doesn’t smell during the dry

Are we to ruin all of our ponds and wildlife sanctuaries
because of smells that our forefathers were able to tolerate?

The reason Salt Water Pond is to be dredged is so that a
marina can be built so that those who cater to boat owners and tourists can
make more money. It’s that simple.

And it’s a shame that the National Conservation Law still,
in 2012, hasn’t been approved by the men and women we elect to serve the people
of the Cayman Islands. If this bill is passed amending the Animals Law to take
away the pond’s sanctuary designation, then the men and women we elect are
doing us and this country a disservice. Hopes are that if this is done, then
another area similar in size and makeup on the Brac can get the sanctuary
designation. But really, it shouldn’t come to that.




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