Lightning is planning big


Peter ‘Lightning’ Lewison is enjoying his time as a champ having won the National Boxing Association regional middleweight belt over the weekend. 

Lewison smashed Florida boxer Alex Perez in four lop sided rounds at the D. Dalmain Ebanks gym on Saturday and already has a date set to defend the belt he received off NBA supervisor Walter ‘Butch’ Flansburg. The venue was packed, testament to all the hard work Lewison did to sell tickets as the promoter through his company, Lightning Boy Promotions.  

Lewison gave a composed, measured display against a much more experienced and wily opponent who fought bravely but was simply out gunned once the Caymanian found his range.  

“I didn’t feel nervous but I had some butterflies because of all the support and the fear of letting all my fans and sponsors down,” a jubilant Lewison, 24, said. “Towards the end of the third I sensed I was going to win. When I caught him with a straight right and he started to buckle and I stepped in and applied pressure was when I knew I had him. 

“My many sponsors enjoyed the show and are very happy of my performance and they were impressed with the amount of local support I received.” 

Watched by his mother Sylivia Lewis, Peter made her smile although, like all mothers, she was nervous. “My next fight will hopefully be at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex around 31 August when I will defend the belt. I expect to jump up in the world rankings now to somewhere in the top 100.” 

His trainer ‘Stormin’’ Norman Wilson was pleased with his performance. Lewison also had Charles ‘Killa’ Whittaker in his corner who has passed on many tips. Boxing coach Donie Anglin guided Lewison in his amateur days and refereed this bout.  

Lewison is grateful to them all. “Norman and Charles were happy and pleased with my performance. Donie was very impressed mostly by my determination because knowing I was not as strong as I wanted to be in the fight but I worked hard at it. 

Anglin said: “By being in the ring I noticed that all of his focus was on his opponent and everything else was blocked out and he had no intention of losing. He was going to win that night and stayed focus.” 

The undercard featured two bouts. The pro one was between Florida-based Sammy Payne and Calvin Faggins. Payne won easily inside two rounds. There was an exhibition amateur fight which saw Thomas McField stop the always game Bruce ‘Lee’ Coulson.  

Rapper Black Ken provided the musical entertainment.  

Peter Lewison

Lewison was totally focused on victory. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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