Cuban link will boost field kids

Two athletes guaranteed to be competing at future Cayman Invitational meets – possibly as early as next year – are Alex Pascal and Jonathan Frederick.

The teenagers are exceptionally gifted in field events and are coming to the end of a two week coaching clinic in Cuba to help their development. Before they went Minister of Sports Mark Scotland met them to give some encouragement. Both 17-year-olds look destined to be world class. Pascal throws the javelin and Frederick is a discus specialist who is also trying the javelin and shot put.

Scotland said: “Going to Cuba for some development training bodes well for them. Alex recently competed at the CARIFTA Games and did very well. Jonathan has been competing for a number of years and done very well too.

“So an opportunity for them to go off island and get some good solid coaching for an extended period bodes well for them to develop their potential in the long term. Working here at home, they are going to do well, but any time they get an opportunity to go abroad to develop their potential is good for them.”

Doctor Dalton Watler is the President of the Cayman Islands Athletic Association. He said: “The intention is to eventually have a school of excellence for the various spots disciplines, for jumps, throws and sprints and so on.

“Right now we’re lacking in field event coaches, which is why we sent them to train in Cuba where they got the best coaching. Cuba is well known for developing athletes in throwing events. When the boys come back on 8 May the coaches will come too so that they can train our athletes in preparation for the World Junior Championships next month.

“The coaches will stay until around the end of July and by September we should have two Cuban coaches here ready to start the school of excellence.”

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