MLAs fear ‘Turks and Caicos’ in Cayman

Editor’s note: The following joint statement by North Side MLA Ezzard Miller and East End MLA Arden McLean was released Friday evening. It is in response to Premier McKeeva Bush’s statement sent earlier in the day.  

“As members of the Legislative Assembly, we view with great concern the Premier’s press statement released today in which he attacked His Excellency the Governor Mr Duncan Taylor both professionally and personally, in the most vitriolic and inappropriate way.

“This is a typically arrogant and misguided attempt by the Premier to deflect attention from the position he has found himself in as the subject of three police investigations. It is not Mr. Taylor’s signature that is on a demand letter to Stan Thomas. It is Mr. Bush’s. It is not Mr. Taylor who is allegedly caught up in an illegal attempt to import explosives into the Cayman Islands. It is Mr Bush, and in this matter, his own response of “Well, what is that?” on Cayman 27’s The Panel on Tuesday, is less than adequate under the circumstances.

“Mr. Bush as Premier should not risk the long-established and mutually beneficially relationship that Cayman and the UK have enjoyed by his unwarranted accusations and attack on the UK’s representative. We are extremely concerned that Mr. Bush’s approach draws eerie similarities to what happened in the Turks & Caicos Islands, which led to the suspension of their constitution, the removal of their elected government and multiple persons being charged with corruption and other abuses of power.

“The difficulties that Mr Bush finds himself in cannot be overcome by attempting to pit the Caymanian people against the UK’s representative. The solution can only be achieved if Mr Bush would proffer explanations and evidence that are satisfactory to the police so that the investigations can be concluded. This gridlock that the country finds itself in can go away immediately if Mr. Bush explains his relationship to these three investigations.

“We call on Mr. Bush and his supporting United Democratic Party cast to do the right thing by the people of this country and NOT to further risk the reputation and future of these beloved Cayman Islands.”


  1. The situation in Cayman is very much different from the Turks and Caicos and their reference is a scare tactic because opposition are not willing to allow justice to take its course and only pay lip service to innocent until proven guilty.

  2. ROTFLMAO!!! This is getting to be handbags at five paces.

    As for MLAs making attacks on the Governor’s reputation try these quotes from the Tempura finances debate, page 245 (22 October 2009) onwards of Hansard 2009/10 –

    Ezzard Miller – If the Governor’s management ability, as observed from the decisions and the effect of the decisions that he had been making, was that of any middle-management level civil servant, he would have been terminated for lack of performance.

    He went on to observe – One is hard pressed to not believe that there is the remotest possibility that our colonial masters are trying very desperately to shut this country down – and then made linkage with TCI.

    Arden McLean – I am convinced, Madam Speaker, that every one of them is trying to destroy my country. Now they are going to take my life, if that is what has to be done! It is my position, Madam Speaker, it is my opinion that every one of them is on some ulterior motive to take my country down. I will not allow them to do that! Not as long as I can stand on my two feet. I will not, if that is there objective!

    He went on – The Governor can get on a British Airways
    flight in first class and go home and relax. I can’t!

    I am not trying to take sides on this, and in fact I welcome the comments of both gentlemen as they support my continuing efforts to find out what really happened during Cealt and Tempura, but from an international media perspective this is the pot and the kettle calling each other black.

    Editor’s note: We should point out that the two MLAs comments from the above records refer to former Cayman Islands Governor Stuart Jack, not Mr. Taylor.

  3. What’s going on with Arden and the PPM? This is the third time Arden recently has joined up with the independent member on a major issue. While the stand may not be against the policy of the PPM, it does however beg the question as to whether there is a problem. The situation is very unusual.

  4. My thanks for your valid editorial comment about it being Stuart Jack not Duncan Taylor (a point Mr Taylor frequently makes) who was responsible for Tempura.

    However, as records released to me under FOI clearly show, Mr Jack was always operating under instructions from in London and I am sure that situation is the same today as it was then.

    Governors have little autonomy (or wiggle room) when it comes to making even very basic decisions and whatever is going on now is being master-minded from London.

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