Prisoner, police inspector hurt in fire

RCIPS fire main
Close to three dozen people had to be evacuated from the George Town Police Station Wednesday morning after a fire started inside one of the prisoner cells on the bottom floor of the facility.

According to Cayman Islands Fire Service crews, only one prisoner was inside the cells at the time flames broke out. He suffered smoke inhalation and some burns to the side of his face, firefighters said.

A Royal Cayman Islands Police inspector, who was in charge of the station at the time fire broke out, also had to be hospitalised for smoke inhalation, RCIPS Superintendent Kurt Walton said.

The injuries to both men were not believed to be life-threatening.

Flames broke out around 10am Wednesday in a cell which is located at the back of the police station on Elgin Avenue. The fire sent black smoke billowing throughout the first floor. The smoke then got into the air conditioning system and filtered through the entire building, according to fire officer Richard McLaughlin.

“There’s still a lot of black smoke in the building and we’ve got to clear it out before we can go in and take a look,” Mr. McLaughlin said. “All the windows and doors of the building are open because they’re trying to clear out the smoke.”

Mr. McLaughlin said he couldn’t speculate on a cause for the fire, but he noted that the prisoner who was injured was the only one inside the cell at the time the blaze broke out.

Superintendent Walton estimated there were somewhere between 30 and 40 people including police, civilian employees and the prisoner inside the building at the time the fire broke out.

Aside from the police inspector and the prisoner, everyone else made it out safely.

RCIPS employees were sent over to the neighbouring building that was formerly the vehicle licensing office.

Police said anyone wishing to call George Town police station should use the following number until further notice: 943-4311.


RCIPS fire

Smoke clears out the downtown police station Wednesday. Photo: Jewel Levy

RCIPS fire 2

Firefighters and police examine the area where the fire started on Wednesday. Photo: Jewel Levy

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  1. Oh well, Lets hope the Police force wont slack off now that the don’t have a proper building to serve and protect the citizens and residents of Grand Cayman. By the way we could do with a new police station the current one is very ugly in colour and outdated. Whoever choose those colours for all the stations should go back and check and put forward a more pleasing colour. That’s my 3 cents worth…