Recycling is the answer

Captain O. Diaz’s letter was an OK idea, but in my opinion as a 12-year-old student at Hope Academy I disagree.

Grand Cayman is the biggest island out of our three Islands and for our trash and Cayman Brac’s trash to go to Little Cayman would be a definite mistake.

The question I like to ask is why would we put our trash plus Cayman Brac’s trash on the smallest Island of the Cayman Islands? Little Cayman is only 10 miles long and one mile wide, which is like Bodden Town and North Side put together. Little Cayman is known for being the quiet island that time forgot; putting a dump on Little Cayman would not only ruin Little Cayman’s reputation and tourism product but also their delicate habitats.

Also to add on about the thought of the dump being in Bodden Town, as a Bodden Towner I 100 per cent disagree to putting the dump in Bodden Town. Another food for thought, who will be paying for gas, which has increased, for trucking garbage to Bodden Town?

However I believe the dump or the waste management facility should remain in the same place it is now. Why can’t the Premier use the money from Mr. Dart’s For Cayman Alliance to clean out the dump and build the waste management facility there?

Which politicians would say that is was the best move for our country since they all preach they are working and thinking of us, the future of our country? The same ones that say they love Cayman but are ready to sell it at the flick of a switch. Lets be smart here for one minute.

Obviously we cannot fix the problem from all the years past so lets start with the present start separating our garbage in each household by plastics, paper and cans. The key here is recycling to avoid another Mount Trashmore.

Brielle Watler

Year 8


  1. Ha ha ha !

    Yes, you really do, especially in reading and comprehension.

    Not an 8 year-old…a 12 year-old in Grade 8.

    Brilliantly written, on probably Cayman’s most pressing current problem…with the only obvious, long-term solution stated.

    A future Premiere in the making maybe ?

  2. Very well written Brielle your parents must be very proud of you. The reason for shutting down the current landfill is that it has reached the end of its useful life. A new waste management facility in Boddentown operating with the ideas that you shared about recycling will be totally different from the current landfill. Everyone in Boddentown can feel proud about what they are doing for the good of the entire country but nothing will work without recycling, you are correct.

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