Touring the world with Triple C

Students present research results in novel ways

From as far away as Indonesia and Thailand, to as close as the Cayman Islands and Jamaica, the sights, sounds, foods and facts of numerous countries were brought together last Thursday for An Evening Around the World in the multi-purpose hall of Triple C School. 

The benefit to visitors was a figurative and literal taste of each nation as they enjoyed performances, sampled traditional dishes and examined exhibits.  

Students benefitted by researching, planning and rehearsing both their presentations and displays. 

With judges scoring each class booth as well as its performance on stage, the following winners were announced by school officials the next day:  

For the PreSchool – Kindergarten category, the top prize was awarded to Ms. Rattary’s Kindergarten Class for students’ work on the Cayman Islands. For the Grades 1-5 category, Ms. Tatum’s grade 1 class won top prize with Costa Rica, including a rain forest. For the Grades 6-11 category, the top prize was awarded to Mr. Mahuron’s grade 8 class and students’ presentations on Mexico. The grand prize was awarded to Mrs. Olson’s grade 6 class, whose study was of Belize.  

Some performances, most notably grade 3’s Spanish dance, were so mesmerising that organisers are reportedly considering whether there should be an extra award in the future for stage presentations as a separate category. 

The event was so successful in terms of attendance that some people were overheard talking about the possibility of holding next year’s Around the World in a larger venue. But as entertaining as the evening was, it is primarily an educational activity. Students worked on their booths all week, so if they had to travel to an off-campus site and back again, valuable time would have been lost. 

One way to make more room could be to vary the floor plan, making it easier for everyone to see and move around. A large structure like the dramatic Mexican pyramid, for example, would have been just as impressive against a wall, freeing sight lines across the middle of the hall and making the information-filled walkway around the pyramid more accessible. It’s hard for people in an audience to be quiet when they can’t see what they’re supposed to listen to. 

That said, everyone seemed to find something to admire, from hand-drawn flags on T-shirts to representational artworks of the Louvre Museum. Students, teachers and the not a few parents who cooked or sewed at home could take pride in a job well done. 

Triple C Spain

Grade 3’s Spanish dance drew cheers from the audience. – Photos: Submitted

Triple C USA

Grade 2’s USA booth drew crowds with its colourful costumes and familiar food.

Triple C Brasil

Grade 11 students offer sweet treats from Brazil.

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