New students require health screenings for school

Students entering government or private schools for the first time in the Cayman Islands in September are required to undergo health screenings. “This must be done before the new school year begins in September,” said Joanna Rose-Wright, school health coordinator nurse.

The screenings, which are free of charge and conducted by the Public Health Department, include a growth and development assessment, vision and hearing tests, a dental assessment, a review and administering of necessary immunisations and obtaining personal medical history.

For students entering schools in West Bay and the eastern districts, health screenings will be done at the district health centres from 1 to 30 June. For all other students, health screenings will take place at John Gray and George Hicks Medical Centre from 4 July to 31 August.

Appointments can be made at the school the child will be attending. Nurse Rose-Wright reminded parents and guardians they need to accompany their children to the health screenings and should bring the child’s immunisation record with them.

“Vaccines will be offered to children whose immunisations are not up-to-date. A health screening certificate will then be issued, which is to be taken to the child’s school,” Nurse Rose-Wright said.

Parents can have their child’s health screenings done by a private doctor, as long as they ensure that he or she completes the school health screening forms provided by the Public Health Department.

The completed forms should be handed in at the John Gray Medical Centre between 4 July and 31 August, between 8.30am and 4.30pm. Outside of these dates, the forms can be taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital’s Public Health Clinic. Once the record has been received, a health screening certificate will be issued, which then must be taken to the school that the child is entering.

In Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, appointments for school entry screenings can be made by contacting Public Health Nurse Nelsie Jones at Faith Hospital on 948-2243. 
Detailed information sheets for parents and guardians are available at the schools. For more information, contact Nurse Rose-Wright at 244-2734 or 244-2648, or John Gray’s medical centre at 949-2501.

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