Little stars set to twinkle

The Cayman Islands Little League officially ends its 23rd season this weekend.

The Field of Dreams in George Town sees T-Ball exhibition matches on Friday, 1 June, on fields two and three from 5.30pm, followed by an awards ceremony. The Pony division all-star game starts at the same time on field one. At 7.15pm, the A, AA and girls all-star game take place on fields three, two and one, respectively.

Festivities continue on Saturday, 2 June, with more games, awards presentations and the raffle prize drawing. At 9am is the Pony playoffs on fields one, two and three followed by awards. At 10.30am, the A division hosts exhibition contests on fields one, two and three followed by awards.

AA hosts its exhibition matches at 2.30-4.30pm on fields one and two. The girls finals take place 4.30-6pm on fields one and two while the AAA final is on field three at 4.30-6.30pm. Award ceremonies follow all of those games, with the raffle at 6.30pm. The following is the list of all-star players in each group. In the T-Ball division, GCM has Eddy Salaverri, Stephanie Menko, Jaden Verhoeven, Nicolai Christian while Butterfield sports Reyah Stewart, Aimee Manderson, Mathias (Mark) McLean and Marcus Lagman. Esso features Jasmine Eden, Kayden Marshall, Keissy Zuniga, Nicholas Franklin; Scotiabank fields Matthew Bush, Zachary DaCosta, Trey Josephs, Christoff Williams and Appleby sports Jonathan Bodden, Charles Gilman, Harry Milne, Jeydon Hayles.

Rounding it are Aidan McCallister, Neil McComb, John-Paul Miller, Johnann Jr. Taylor for KM Ltd and LeAndre McKay, Demae Lee, Seane Curry and Isaiah Whittaker for Conyers, Dill and Pearman. In the AA Division, CIBC FCIB feature Jevon Forbes, Javier Johnson, Julian Menko, Jonah Pierre, Gio Foster, Everton Allen while Crighton Properties sport Zion Coe, Roberth Davis, Alaye Mclaughlin, Davin Gallagher, Omar Sanchez, Darian Lopez. Albertini Holness, Landon Parsons, Dane Muspratt, Jesse Jackson, Francisco Fuentes, Gonzalo McLaughlin represent Maples while Justin Derrick, Adam McWatt, Zach Bodden, Miguel Rodriguez, Mario Ebanks and Lyndon Waite play for Pizza Hut.

In the A Division, Popeye’s have Shomar McField, Leroy Malcolm Jr, Jacob Stanuel-Taitte, Daniel Mellaneo; Cashwiz feature Jude Reynolds, Davin Chavez, Lauren Brown, Dylan Richard and PWC sport Archie Chamalian, Jeremy Walker, Calum Lindsay, Noah Booker. Lewis McMurdo, Jack McGregor, Shawn Lansdell, Brad Lansdell represent Deloitte while Max Hydes, D’vonte Joseph, Will Roberts, Liam Majors star for Dart and Marcus Bertran, Christopher Arch, Zachary Franklin, Jacob Graham play for Coldwell Bankers. In the Pony Division, HSBC have Alejandro Holness, Arie Ebanks, Jaeden Pouchie; Yellow Pages have Leymar McLean, Will Dyer, Jake Booker, Luke Novak; Al La Kebab feature Jaeden Miller, Rashaad Powery, Amari Howard and Bodden Beverages sport Matthew Bush, Immanual Duran, Garrett O’Connor. Gabriel Fisher, Dre McField, David Harris star for Crossfit Seven Milers; Darwin Jiminez, Rachel Pascal, Nathan Balon play for Vigoro and Angelo Forbes, Liam Walton, Aidan Montana star for Logic.

Finally, in girls softball Kirk Freeport has Alikie Kandler, Breana Welds, Dru Bodden, Chelsea Duty, Alisha Forbes, Lashae Ebanks while Green Light sport Samantha Hodgson, Liz Westin, Kianda Parchmont, Ashley McLaughlin, Quianna Bennette, Lacee Barnes. KPMG feature Brittney Purcell, Jenneska Johnson, Kacie Ramos, Kristi Welds, Maya Smith, Sarah Fawkes and Digicel has Emma Conolly, Krystal Arch, Samantha Cridland, Abby Lindsay, Ingrith Ritch and Richelle Hew.