Online poll: Most prepare for hurricane season

Nearly 70 per cent of the respondents to last week’s poll said they prepare a fair amount or quite a bit for hurricane season. 

Hurricane season starts 1 June and runs through 30 November, although tropical cyclones have occurred every month of the year in the Atlantic Basin. 

Of the 536 total respondents to the week-long online poll, 217 of them – 40.5 per cent – said they prepared a fair amount in advance for the hurricane season. Another 156 people – 29.1 per cent – said they prepare quite a bit. 

“This little rain event we’re going through right now is a good reminder that I need to get some provisions together,” said one person. 

“We always have tins of food in the kitchen and spare batteries and we cook with gas anyway,” said someone else. “We were one of the lucky ones with Ivan and sustained minimal damage.” 

“I think I’m prepared, so it’s mostly a question of checking that the supplies are still in good shape and topping up any that aren’t,” commented another respondent. 

“I have a kit made from previous years; I just need to replace out of date items and buy some new food goods – which I’ve already started,” said one person. 

“After Ivan, I leave nothing to chance,” said someone else. 

“We are well rehearsed,” commented another person. 

“I have a boat, so I probably take more precaution than necessary,” said one person. 

“As part of our hurricane plan, every year, 1st of June, my family prepares by putting in extra non-perishable food supplies, checking lights and batteries, checking our first-aid kit for outdated supplies, checking our containers for clothes and valuables, etc,” said someone else. “It’s better to be safe than sorry.” 

Another 104 people – 19.4 per cent – said that hardly prepare at all for hurricane season.  

“God is in control of that and everything else,” said one person. 

Thirty-three people – 6.2 per cent – said they do not prepare for hurricane season in advance at all. 

“I prepare if there is a threat,” said one respondent.  

Twenty-six people – 4.8 per cent – said they didn’t live in a place that could be impacted by hurricanes.  


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Online Poll 27 May