Ways to make fathers feel special

In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s hard to find time to take things slow.

Plus there are so many worries to consider. For dad there are mountains of bills from the car to the house while kids are caught up on grades at school and having fun.

Father’s Day may not be a national holiday but it is a time when daddy and the kids can bridge the gap between their worlds.

It is easy to simply go out and buy something special for dad. But what about having the kids go the extra mile to do something original that is bound to stay with dad longer?

There are many things kids can do that are off the beaten path. One thing that comes to mind is using arts and crafts to show how much the child cares.

Sure, homemade cards may sound overdone but if it is as original as your family then daddy won’t think so. Just be sure there are plenty of colours, time and love put into one and daddy will be sure to fight back tears.

Another point to bear in mind with card-making is that it is OK to get extravagant too. Glitter, glue and cut-out cartoons can definitely add some pizzazz.

Another thing kids can make is drawings, paintings or poems. Let the kids draw a picture of daddy or paint a picture of the family together or even write poetry on all the good things about daddy.

Using whatever artistic talents the kids have will go a long way towards telling dad he is loved.

Also encourage the child to cook a meal. With some fresh ingredients and supervision, kids can make some simple treats for dad. Some ideas include pancakes with either smiles or message written on them in whip cream, sandwiches with chips on the side arranged in messages or a microwave dinner with a Burger King crown for dad.

With a little effort, daddy could feel like a king with breakfast in bed or a home-cooked lunch at work or a hearty supper.

Another biggie is making time for the kids to do things with dad. Often dad might not be able to give the time or attention to impart a life lesson to his child. This Father’s Day should give him a shot.

A family weekend vacation would be great fun. Everyone could relax from their worries at home and focus on each other while taking in an exciting locale.

If that’s not doable, then the focus should be on doing things with dad close to home.

A fun and healthy activity is having the kids go with dad on a walk near home. The ideal places to go are lightly populated, woody areas off the main road where dad and kids can have time and space.

While they’re at it, have the kids go with dad on a hunt for fruits. With so many coconut, mango and plum trees around the kids won’t have to look far for big fruits for daddy to knock down.

Or maybe dad wants to cool down. If dad loves the water, why not take him to the beach? The beaches in Bodden Town and West Bay Road would make great mini-getaways.

Also going to a local park is sure to put dad at ease. With a Dart park in almost every district, kids won’t have to go far with dad to find fun.

Furthermore, a rediscovery of Cayman and its natural habitat might help. Consider letting dad and the kids go to the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park or Boatswain’s Beach or some other natural attraction. Taking in all the natural beauty is sure to get dad to appreciate the beauty of having a family.

At the end of the day, father’s day is a time to celebrate dad. What better way to honour the unique father-figure in a child’s life than to do something for him that’s equally special.