Online poll: Most ignored Queen’s Jubilee

More than half of the respondents to last week’s online poll said they were planning on taking the public holiday off and ignoring the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 years as reigning monarch of the United Kingdom. 

Of the 513 respondents, 258 of them – 50.2 per cent – said they were going to ignore the Jubilee celebrations. 

“I hope it rains so I can sleep until noon and not feel guilty,” said one person. 

“I love the Queen, but don’t need all this pomp and circumstance,” said someone else. 

“I’m only interested in having the day off,” said another respondent. 

“I think I’ll get lubed up on rum,” commented one person. 

“Who cares about the Queen?” asked someone else. 

Eighty-three people – 16.2 per cent – said they would participate in on-island celebrations. 

“Here in the Brac, I’m looking forward to the few days of events,” said one person. 

“I hope the PPM is not negative about this, too,” said someone else. “So much negativity.” 

“Long live the Queen! Give me candy,” said another respondent. 

Another 78 people – 15.2 per cent – said they would be working on the holiday Monday and 60 people – 11.7 per cent – said they didn’t live in the Cayman Islands. 

“I would love to be there,” said one person. 

“We’re anti-royalists,” said someone else. 

“I am not a British subject but I say God save the Queen!” said another person. 

Thirty-four people said they were travelling out of the country for the holiday. 


Next week’s poll question 

Should Cayman change its legal limit for driving under the influence of alcohol? 

Yes, make it the same as the US and England – 0.08 

Yes, make it the same as Scotland and Ireland – 0.05 

Yes, make it 0.03 or below, like Japan, China and Russia 

No, keep it as its present level – 0.10 


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  1. Everyone has the right to their own opinion but I can’t help feeling that some of these responses were just rude. We hear so many complaints about Cayman not having any culture and so on and yet an important occasion like the Queen’s Jubilee is treated with such disdain, as least by the respondents who are quoted. That’s really a shame, in my view. All of the celebrations were quite grand. The parade moved me to tears, in spots. All the uniformed groups were quite smartly turned out and everything was done to precision. I, personally, am glad I went and joined in the celebrations. God Save the Queen!

  2. Bush68 – Move you with tears for what??? Has the Queen been there when hurricane Ivan ripped the Cayman coast and cause so many Caymanians homeless? Has the Queen been there when Paloma stormed Cayman Brac and tore off rooftops? Has the Queen intervened when Global recession affected us? Has she intervene on our behalf for the sake of democracy when they were drafting the Constitution? Has she given all Caymanians equal rights with the rest of the UK? Sorry dear, but your tears are from pure emotional whim and has nothing to do with reality! The Royal Family is a burden to the tax payers in the UK that have to pay for their constant maintenance. Monarchy worship as existed for thousands of years, and I have not seen any benefit for its continuation for these modern days. That is why people attend such events just to enjoy it. As for many Caymanians, they are more happen for the break from their labors than seeing an event celebrating a wealthy person that pays for nothing.

  3. Interesting responses. More evidence that the UK should hand over Cayman to those in Cayman who obviously know better how to run the country, and let them get on with it?
    This would, it seems, be better for all – or most – of those concerned.

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