‘Education is fun’ camp scheduled

Seasoned parents of seven, camp directors Judy and Kaseen Penn are eager to announce they will be hosting Camp Adventure for the third time this year.

“My husband and I, we have the youth of the Cayman Islands interests at heart. We come in contact with many different youths of all ages, and in the summer time we house a lot of our children’s friends who come over for days or nights,” Mrs. Penn said. The couple said they felt it was a lot to take on because they had seven children of their own. Mrs. Penn said that during summer-time children are often bored and need to be kept busy and this was the basis of the couple’s inspiration behind Camp Adventure, which began in 2010.

Field trips

Mrs. Penn said the camp covers just about everything when it comes to indoor and outdoor activities. The kids can look forward to various field trips to places like; Dolphin Discovery, Hollywood Theatres, The Turtle Farm, Margaritaville and Pirates Cave. As well as field trips, kids will also be keeping physically active by playing sports like basketball and football.

“We cover just about everything with our summer camp, there is indoor and outdoor activities, so what makes our so unique is that most camps concentrate on a particular theme, while our camp has the largest variety of activities for kids to do,” Mrs. Penn said.

Mrs. Penn said she believes that fun and education can go hand in hand. “We have hired primary school teachers to teach the kids about subjects like music, arts and crafts, drama and Spanish. The camp’s motto is Education-is-Fun, kids will be given work sheet teasers every day to keep their brains active over the summer,” said Mrs Penn. Spirituality will also be explored as there will be a devotion on every morning of the camp. Mr. Penn, camp director and former history teacher and basketball coach, said he thinks Camp Adventure will be the largest summer camp running on island. Last year, there was an attendance of 80 to 100 children and he says they anticipate having the same numbers again this year.

Children should wear sunscreen, comfortable shoes and a hat. Mrs. Penn said the camp is flexible so children can feel free to bring their favourite toy or teddy bear. The camp is aimed toward children ages 5 to 10. The home base for pick up and drop off is Pasadora Place, and the fee is $100 per week, which includes morning and afternoon snacks, transportation and T-shirts. As the camp draws to a close, parents are invited to watch their kids perform a Talent show.

The camp runs from 3 July to 3 August, 7am to 5pm.