Concerned about Prospect dog poisonings

I am writing to you regarding a recent outbreak of dogs poisoned in our neighbourhood in Prospect. As you are aware and wrote articles on this matter, this is extremely concerning.

In the past five days, five dogs were killed very close to my home in the area of Omega Bay (specifically, Trophy Crescent, Jump Lane and Buckboard Close). These dogs were not all free to roam, they were domesticated and had homes and fenced yards which they lived in.

As I am an optimistic person, still with faith in humanity, I would like to think that this is not a senseless act of violence against animals and perhaps a case that paraquat is being used on some of the grounds in my neighbourhood as a pesticide.

Please be advised that I have spoken with a representative at the Agricultural Department who was extremely helpful and shall review our area carefully. In the meantime, I shall remain vigilant.

I am of course concerned about my dogs – it is awful to be fearful of walking your pets in your neighbourhood. It is also very concerning for Cayman as we are receiving much negative press via Internet and Facebook about this. One wonders if the police have been making efforts? I am hopeful.

Sarah O’Keeffe