Frasers set to make waves

Olympic swimming brothers Shaune and Brett Fraser are in the final stages of their preparations for the Olympics next month.

With only five weeks to go, much of the hard work is done for the London Games.

Brett said: “Training is going pretty good, most of the hard training is out of the way and now it’s all about the fine tuning and adjustments. So it allows me to focus a lot more on the craft of my swimming and it’s been great so far.”

This is Shaune’s third Olympics and Brett’s second. Shaune said: “Once you’ve been once you tend to know what the Games are all about. It depends all on your mental focus and I feel that if I take it day by day I can concentrate on things a lot easier and not allowing things to get too overwhelming. I think about specifics each day and that helps it go a lot faster.”

Two-time Great Britain Olympian Darren Mew went to the Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004) Games as a breastroke specialist. He now coaches swimming locally. He said: “This will be the best time of the preparation for them because they have finished all their heavy training and the big meets and heavy lifting in the gym.

They’ve now gone into the speed phase. The body feels good and really alive and this is the last bit of mental and physical preparation.

“They’re going to start feeling fresh and really good and that’s when the excitement really kicks in. They are going to have a great team around them, they also have a great training facility in Florida.

Now they just need to relax away from the pool to take their minds off the Olympics.”

The other Caymanians who have qualified for the London Games are Cydonie Mothersill (women’s 200m), Ronald Forbes (men’s 110m hurdles) and Kemar Hyman (men’s 100m).

The Olympic Committee has been well supported by kit sponsors. They include Oakley for sunglasses and Crocs for shoes. The team will be outfitted by ERIMA. Oakley and Crocs are providing their items for free and the ERIMA gear the Olympic Committee is paying a portion of the price.