Celebrating kindness for kids

Funky disco tunes and a special raffle are the order of the evening on Saturday, 23 June with a special charity event at Grand Old House.

All proceeds from the event, which begins at 7pm, go to the Thousand Pairs of Little Shoes charity, which puts shoes on the feet of the nomadic children who walk long miles on rough roads every day in Kenya and Haiti, says charity representative Renata Kecskes.

“I’m going back to Kenya to deliver shoes from Nairobi to Dadaab – the world’s largest refugee camp 50 miles away from Somalia. I was there last year and after to Kakuma, a refugee camp also run by the UN. Finally, I’ll make my way to north Uganda to visit North Hope campus that fosters and rehabilitates former child soldiers.

“With a small group of volunteer workers we won’t just deliver shoes in Uganda but also organise a football tournament. I’m sourcing shoes from China for $1.50 and this year I ordered 3,000 pairs that are sailing toward Kenya as I type. The Rotary Club has been supporting my projects and I would really love to give them credit, as well as Lazlo at Grand Old House,” she tells us.

Expenses covered

The fundraiser covers Renata’s travel expenses including bus hire, fuel, and accommodation, as well as going to buy sports supplies in Kenya for the kids.

“We would like to invite as many people as we can for a fun filled evening,” she says. “From 12 January to 12 April, I had a project going on called Mission Haiti and with the help of St. Igantius Catholic School, Cayman Prep School, C.I.S., Little Trotters and Havaianas we collected over 3,000 pairs of shoes.

“This event will be also an appreciation to all the kindness, inspiration and shoes that I received from the parents, teachers and kids. We will have pasta specials, cocktail specials, great raffle prizes and also a silent auction for an iPhone – many thanks to Lime and Diamonds International,” Renata says.

Raffle tickets are $4.50 each which equates to three pairs of shoes for the youngsters so do get stuck in, chaps.