Cayman’s doggies need help

This Saturday, 23 June, will be a day to remember as the cute and furry friends of the Cayman Islands Humane Society will be dressed to impress in their colourful fur coats for an outing to a meet and greet on the Paseo in Camana Bay.

At the Roadshow you can expect to see Cayman dogs and puppies wagging their tails and showing off their personalities in hopes to get a permanent home, says Twila Escalente, shelter liaison.

“We encourage everyone to come out and walk one of our puppies at the dog road show or spend sometime with one of longtime residents outside the shelter setting.

The inspiration behind the event is to showcase the animals outside of the shelter environment letting them shine with the public, she notes.

It is of popular knowledge that statistics show animals prolong and enrich humane life.

“Studies have proven that a pet owner or family who shares their life with a pet benefits from reduced stress levels, blood pressure, happier moods, higher fitness levels and the length and quality of our lives and can even reduce our health costs,” says Twila. If you’ve ever spoken to a dog owner they will tell you that they have the power to captivate your attention, make you laugh, and put a smile on your face when you’re feeling blue.

If you have never had a pet before, Twila says it is a great opportunity to make a new friend forever.

“Pets provide comfort to owners of all ages. Dogs are known as man’s best friend and indeed, the love and attention they give in return for food, water and shelter makes this a true statement,” she says.

Along with health benefits pets also improve emotional and spiritual well-being. So if you want to add a dash of magic to your life head on down to Camana Bay and give one of these little guys a chance.

“Camana Bay is a wonderful supporter and allows us to hold a Roadshow once a month in the Paseo. The road show gives us an opportunity to meet with the public and promote the humane society,” she says.

The Roadshow takes 
place between 2 and 5pm 
on Saturday, 23 June 
at Camana Bay. The humane society will also be holding a cat show on Saturday, 30 June, also at Camana Bay.