Cooperation is sorely lacking

The people in the Cayman Islands are getting fed up with the constant political rhetoric between the two political parties.

An example was the PPM Members of the Legislative Assembly holding a shadow or mock legislative debate outside the LA debating a shadow no confidence motion when a real (not shadow) Peoples initiated Referendum Motion was before the LA, which was passed by the UDP only (not the PPM or independent MLAs). Without the UDP’s vote the people would have been deprived of their referendum.

The PPM should have been debating and providing solutions to the high unemployment which started during the PPM Government’s term so that the people can put food on their children’s table. Solutions to the high crime rate, which increased since political parties took control of Government, are important.

Why did the PPM not debate solutions to the massive debt that resulted partly from the PPM Government’s excessive expenditure on the two new schools, the new administration building and the highways (compensation was not paid by PPM Government for some private land under the roads built by the PPM Minister of Roads) and that largely caused the UK to take control of Cayman’s borrowings and budget for the first time in Cayman’s history. The cost of utilities for these three buildings must be massive.

We guess that since the last PPM Government created a substantial part of the large debt and excessive spending and Cayman’s largest annual deficit of $81 million we cannot expect the PPM to have a solution to them! In previous letters we set out our solutions to overspending, crime and reducing debt.

We feel that the new Auditor General and Public Accounts Committee should focus more on getting consolidated audits for the past seven years (despite the unfortunate waiver of such audits by an amendment to the law) when billions of the public’s money was spent by the political party governments. Also a solution to the expensive and partly inadequate accounting system with about 13 accounting divisions or heads introduced by the last PPM Government replacing one centralised accounting department, which worked well in previous years up to year 2000 when our Government’s annual audits were completed on time. The Government and civil servants must correct the problems raised by the Auditor General’s report or his work is in vain.

The massive projects like the possible $300,000,000 spent or to be spent on the new schools and new administration building and why some of the original cost escalated should be fully audited. While small audits are OK, such as the gas cards and the surfacing of church parking etc., these are small change compared to the above audits and massive expenditures.

It is important that the Governor and the Government work together and the Opposition cooperates on important matters for the good of the people. To do so, there must be mutual respect for one another and positive compromises. Cayman cannot afford another partial standoff between the governor and the government as happened with the last PPM Government and Governor Stuart Jack.

Good results for the benefit of the People will only come if there is less politics and more cooperation between the government and the backbenchers. Cooperation has decreased since political parties took power.

A general election is nearing and the public wants to see real solutions to Cayman’s problems. They cannot feed their children with political rhetoric. They want cooperation by the Opposition members with the government. For the 16 and 12 years respectively in which we were ministers and 20 and 24 years in which we were MLAs positive cooperation by independent MLAs was present most of the time and Cayman and its people prospered. A house divided cannot stand. Vote for MLAs who will cooperate for the good of Cayman and its people in the next election.

Truman Bodden

John McLean


  1. If I had to give any government a passing score it would be for those who acted with a national vision to reduce the traffic jams and the provision of new schools..

    The man-hours saved by not having to sit idle in bumper to bumper traffic creeping from Northward all the way to George town was reason enough.. I am sure residents in the West can also point to their traffic milestones.

    As far as the expenditures, both were public projects and has added to the island real property. Value for money is an issue which should rest squarely on the shoulders of the contracting office.

    So if it is cooperation that is lacking we should start by saying we instead of them. I would suggest anyone objecting to the schools and the roads either have their kids in private schools or did not have to get to work by 8:00 am.

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