CrossFit aces move to top level

The CrossFit Seven Mile team covered themselves in glory by winning the America Regionals in Colombia last month. Now they are ready for the ultimate CrossFit test.

They are now peaking again for the CrossFit Games in Carson, California from 13-15 July which claims to find the “fittest man, woman and team on earth”. The competition is being shown live on ESPN3 all weekend. Tickets sold out six weeks before the event at the Home Depot Center.

The CrossFit Seven Mile team is Wanda Brenton, Jennifer Chailler, Schmarrah McCarthy, Chris Spigner (a coach at the CrossFit gym), Zak Kepner and Trevor Amodeo. They are going into the Games ranked 37th out of 43 teams in the world.

“While we ultimately would like to end up on the podium our realistic expectation is to finish in the middle of the pack,” said gym founder Carl Brenton, Wanda’s husband.

“The team has been following specialised training since November that incorporates a lot of additional strength and skill work on top of what a normal CrossFit class would follow. This is the requirement of an athlete that wants to compete at the CrossFit Games these days.”

The strongest teams are likely to be returning champs CrossFit New England as well as CrossFit Invictus and SPC CrossFit both from California.

The CrossFit Seven Mile team on West Bay Road has not come together by chance. “Our team was set up specifically to win the Latin America Regionals based on the strength of the team members,” said Brenton. “Although they only started training together in November the plans have been in place since we started planning the affiliate two years ago.”

Wanda Brenton and Chailler had already competed in the CrossFit Games in 2010 so they knew what to expect. The team is well supported by the rest of the gym. From newcomers to regulars, the supportive spirit is inspiring.

“The team is well rounded,” added Carl. “We have very strong girls. Schmarrah is going to be one of the physically strongest female athletes at the Games this year. Jennifer is very strong with regards to gymnastics movements. She scored third in the entire world on one of the CrossFit Open workouts that involved seven minutes of burpees.

“Wanda is physically strong and gifted with good skills so she really rounds out the women’s side. The guys are all very well rounded as well and can perform gymnastics movements and Olympic lifting movements at a high level. Chris is extremely strong with a 400 pound back squat while Trevor and Zak can both perform more than 12 consecutive muscle ups in a row as well as over 20 hand stand pushups in a row each.

“The support from the members of our gym has been incredible. We had over 30 people waiting at the airport when they returned from the regionals in Colombia to cheer as they got off the plane.

“We held two fundraisers. One was selling a special edition Regional Champions shirt that the team got the proceeds from and we sold 113. The second was a mini-Olympics at one of our members’ house that raised $4,000.

“The fundraisers raised enough to cover their accommodation and rental cars in California. This was all from our members being so supportive and what really sets our gym apart from most others – a very strong community.”