Gov: No official Throne Speech

Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor’s office confirmed Wednesday morning that Mr. Taylor would not be giving an official Throne Speech to open budget discussions in the Legislative Assembly.

Head of the Governor’s Office Steve Moore said Mr. Taylor was planning to appear before the assembly for a brief time and “set the tone” of the discussions going forward, but that Mr. Taylor would give a full speech when the government’s budget is presented.

It’s not clear exactly when the full budget plan for the government’s 2012/13 financial year will be made public. Premier McKeeva Bush has said an interim spending plan will be proposed for the first two months of the year, July and August, to allow government time to develop a full budget.

Mr. Bush’s government has until Saturday to approve an interim budget plan. Cayman runs out of spending authority on 30 June without some kind of budget in place.


  1. What can one say? This is the most unprecedented financial mess the Islands have ever seen. The international financial community must be holding their breath before their braces break.
    Politicians need votes = spend money they – and we – don’t have = disaster.

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