Artist Maureen Lazarus is next up at Full of Beans with fine art exhibition

Jamaican by origin, Cayman by inspiration, Maureen Lazarus is taking centre stage with a new exhibition at Full of Beans. 

“My humble beginning as an artist started in Jamaica as a billboard sign artist. The only woman in a man’s world painting huge signs. Edna Manley School of Visual Arts was where I eventually went for four years. There I did my diploma in Fine Arts. 

“When I came to Cayman my art was centred around acrylic on canvas. My influence then was landscapes and I continued to grow doing more and more totally engulfed by this beautiful island and the wild seagrapes all around me. My colours were very vibrant and breathtaking,” she tells us. 

The art exhibition has an opening at the Pasadora Place gallery/cafe on Tuesday, 3 July from 5.30 to 7.30pm, also featuring complimentary wine and tapas – as if you needed any more inducement to be there.  


Totally different 

As Maureen says, the latest exhibition is a great chance to see how her work has developed since moving to these fair islands. 

“I continued to search myself to push further and be totally different and that’s when I came up with the idea of using recycled paper and pieces of canvas to create my beautiful art work.  

“My work has taken a different side of a three dimensional form. This is where I have reached and I am comfortable for now. I think my work is very different and thus makes it pleasing to the eyes,” Weekender learns. 

It’s not her first exhibition either – she lists pretty much every possible space as places she’s been in the past. 

“I have done exhibitions all over Cayman. The Ritz, Westin, Grand Old House, Harquail, Cayfest, [email protected], Art in the Park, Full of Beans, Visual Arts Society, Caymana Bay, Churches, Schools, you name it. 

“My work is also in galleries,” Maureen concludes. 

Clearly a talent not to be missed. 


Exhibition opening on Tuesday, 3 July at Full of Beans from 5.30 to 7.30pm – admittance free with complimentary wine and tapas.