Party Bollywood style at The Strand

For those of you who haven’t heard of Bollywood, it’s basically India’s version of Hollywood.

Bollywood is located in the heart of Bombay, now known as Mumbai, which is the movie-making capital of India. Much like Hollywood, it is known for a lifestyle of glitz and glamour.

Although Bollywood stars make significantly less money than Hollywood counterparts, star treatment is the same; they are harassed by paparazzi and make headlines daily. Bollywood movies are typically known for colourful and elaborate clothing and at least one song and dance act.

The Living Room Bar and Restaurant at The Strand offers a Bollywood-tastic experience every Thursday. Its Indian chefs will be serving authentic Indian cuisine in the form of a buffet for the price of $14.99, consisting of two meat dishes, two vegetarian dishes, rice, papadum, raita, and dessert. After tucking into your meal you can enjoy happy hour drink specials and the ambiance of Bollywood-style movies, music videos and music until 1am.

Colourful clothes

In Bollywood, women typically wear a sari, which is a long sheet of colourful cloth decorated with patterns and worn draped over a simple blouse. Although it is not expected to wear this clothing to Bollywood Thursdays, you will not feel out of place if want to dress up, as a segment of the Indian population in Cayman usually attends.

Manager Matthew Leslie says the atmosphere at the event is lively and they usually get about 100 people in attendance.

“A lot of people make it a weekly outing for their friends, it’s cultural for some, nowhere else on the island shows videos and movies that are Indian, we also have a theatre size screen and because we have very authentic Indian dishes, a lot of expats enjoy the food,” Matthew says.

He also says it’s a beautiful venue to come and see and the ambience and lighting is lively,

“When you step into the Living Room it’s like you forget you’re in Cayman, it’s like you’re in a nice big city somewhere else,” he says.

So why not check out Bollywood Thursdays this week and let yourself get wrapped up into all the glamour.