Purr-fect felines for show

This Saturday, 30 June, kittens and cats will be clawing their way out of the Cayman Islands Humane Society for a visit to the Camana Bay Roadshow.

When deciding on adopting a furry friend, the most important thing to consider is whether your lifestyle will suit a cat or even an itty-bitty-kitty.

Shelter Liason Twila Escalente says that older cats are mellow and are content to just cuddle up with you. So if you are living in an apartment they will adapt well to that environment as they don’t require a lot of space. Contrary to popular belief, she notes that older cats aren’t at the shelter because they are defective, they may have simply outlived their former owners or unable to join them in their new apartment or move overseas.

“A sweet-faced older kitty is more suited with families with kids as they require less supervision, are already litter-box trained and don’t try to bite your toes through the blankets. You are the last chance to give an older cat the love and warmth of a home where they can live their years in comfort and in return your kitty will be your best friend forever,” Twila says.

If you’re interested in a cute, cuddly kittens, she says, also make wonderful pets.

“If you are considering adopting a kitten, it is recommended that you take home two. Kittens, like people miss their siblings and can become lonely and sometimes lead to mischievous behaviour. Two siblings or kittens that are well-matched and have plenty of space can provide each other with exercise, social interaction and mental stimulation,” she says.

Types of families which suit cats

Typically, Twila says, cats and kittens do not require lots of space to live comfortably so apartments are ideal. “If you have another cat or dog, you should take care and time to introduce their new furry friend,” she says.

It is important to note that families with young kids should consider an older kitty as kids can be rough on a kitten and kittens like babies, are still teething and sometimes test their sore gums on ear lobes and ankles which can kind-of hurt. However, Twila still says that kids and kittens can best buddies if they both are taught how to play together. “A pet cat can fit into any family or lifestyle. If you don’t have lots of time, an older cat or two kittens would be the pets for you. Cats make very good companions for older folk who do cant get out much,” she says.

Twila says the society’s feline residents are generally in good shape, however if the cat needs medication you will expected to continue giving the cat its medication. She congratulates anyone who decides to adopt a cat. “You should be happy to know that rescuing a shelter animal will change your life forever and make you part of the elite group of compassionate human beings who have given a second chance to a beautiful animal who deserves a great home,” Twila says.