Locally owned courier service celebrates 10 years in business

Business now serves the region

Courier service NCI Services Ltd celebrated its 10-year anniversary on Friday, 17 June at the company’s headquarters at Alissta Towers. 

A cast of supporters, customers and well-wishers turned out to celebrate with the company and celebrate cofounders and owners of the company, husband and wife Shyam Ebanks and Tamara Hanson-Ebanks.  

Both Mr. Ebanks and his wife are under 40 years of age and to an extent are redefining what success for young Caymanians can mean. 

“The inspiration for the company came from just wanting something to do while we were in college in early 2002. We were looking for something easy that could sustain us,” recalled Mrs. Hanson-Ebanks, who added that at the time, her husband was inserting the fliers into newspapers for the Caymanian Compass. At the time, the business was called News Carriers Incorporated. 

“Shyam realised that there was no one delivering papers to homes and with the assistance of the Compass, who gave us free papers to drop off at homes, the business was launched,” recounted Tamara, who added that clients could have the service for $20 a month during the initial phase of the business’ development.  

The fact that both she and her husband were in school presented some challenges, but the pair overcame them with what can only be described as determination and persistence. 

“We did the deliveries at night time after class and in the morning before class. It was not long before the subscription base grew and we began to talk about what else could be done to strengthen our revenue base and offer our customers more services,” Mrs. Hanson-Ebanks said. She explained that it was at this time that the team began to offer magazine deliveries to businesses, a move that solidified the business as more of bona fide courier service. 

The biggest test for the company was yet to come however, and with the advent of Hurricane Ivan the operation was totally destroyed. The result of this being that both Shyam and Tamara migrated from the Cayman Islands to London and Boston, respectively. It was not until Mr. Ebanks, who still had his company phone at the time, received a call from Tower Marketing, who were then publishing the Observer newspaper, which is now owned and published by Cayman Free Press, to do deliveries of that paper. 

As a result of this request both Shyam and Tamara came back to the Cayman Islands and re-branded the company as NCI Services Ltd in 2005. 

We kept adding new ideas and putting best practice at the forefront in addition to reinvesting. In 2008 the company introduced its small package service, which allowed people to order products online and source it through NCI Services Ltd. The company’s expansion continues to set high standards for growth in the industry and the Cayman Islands, with the acquisition of an aircraft that flies from Miami to Cayman and Cayman to Jamaica. Chartered flights from the Grand Cayman throughout the region are also available.  

“We can carry everything from food and perishable items to human remains if necessary,” Mr. Ebanks said. 

The couple, who are the proud parents of two, added that the sky is the limit for NCI Services. 

The company’s expansion continues to set high standards for growth in the industry and the Cayman Islands. 


Shyam Ebanks and Tamara Hanson-Ebanks are seen at the NCI 10-year anniversary celebration. – PHOTO: STUART WILSON