Work begins on West Bay Road crosswalk

The National Roads Authority started work Wednesday morning on the West Bay Road crosswalk near the Strand shopping centre. The pedestrian crossing, which should be operational next week, will be solar-powered and feature in-road LED lighting. The crosswalk will have pedestrian bush buttons similar to the system on Elgin Avenue near the Government Administration Building and the Immigration Department.
West Bay Road Strand crosswalk

Construction underway at The Strand on West Bay Road
Patrick Brendel


  1. Thank you, good news indeed; we are looking forward to completion of a safe, well-designed and much-needed pedestrian crosswalk – and any future ones which may be strategically placed along the Seven Mile Beach/West Bay Road).
    In the meantime, would it not be a sensible idea for NRA to also incorporate a roundabout at this Strand/West Bay Road intersection so that vehicuar traffic could also flow smoothly? A win-win for all road users!