Police make progress in bank robbery case

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One man was arrested and some additional cash taken during a robbery at the Cayman National Bank in Buckingham Square last week has been recovered, Royal Cayman Islands Police said Friday.  

The suspect, a 29-year-old, was nabbed in West Bay on Thursday evening during a police operation. As of press time Sunday he had not been charged.  

Police also noted late Friday that some money taken from the scene of the heist was found by investigators.  

Officers did not state where it was located or how 
much they found.  

“We can confirm that … a substantial quantity of cash has been recovered,” a police statement noted.  

Cash littered the ground in the Buckingham Square parking lot on West Bay Road on Thursday morning after three robbery suspects made a failed escape attempt and rammed their Toyota Windom into an armoured van parked outside the bank.  

Police said the men then ran from their car through the back of the shopping centre and onto the Esterley Tibbetts Highway where they were met by a red-coloured vehicle. A bystander took photos of the men as they made their getaway and those photos are now in police possession. One of the pictures ran on the front page of Friday’s Caymanian Compass.  

No other arrests had been 
reported by press time Sunday.  

The incident was the second bank robbery to occur in the Cayman Islands this year. The other involved a 3 May armed hold-up at the Scotiabank in downtown George Town. Four people have been arrested and charged in that case.  

Initial claims of a slowed response by uniformed RCIPS officers were addressed by the RCIPS in a statement sent last week. 

“The information that it took officers 20 minutes to ‘get there’ is incorrect,” the statement read. “The call [about the bank robbery] was received by 911 at 9.42am and several units were immediately dispatched. For obvious reasons we will not discuss specific details of police tactics or our operational response to such incidents. We can confirm that officers immediately carried out their respective roles, which include setting up road blocks in the surrounding area in response to the information that the suspects had made off from the scene.  

“The first officer arrived at the bank 16 minutes after the initial call was received, but that should not be inaccurately interpreted or indeed reported that no police action was taken until that time.  

RCIPS noted the following in a later statement to the media Thursday afternoon: “On receipt of the initial call several police units were immediately deployed to the area. Officers, acting on the information received about the red car, set up road checks and carried out extensive searches for the vehicle. A short time after the robbery, the car was recovered in the West Bay area. Officers are currently carrying out enquiries at two addresses in West Bay in connection with the ongoing enquiry. 

“There have been some suggestions that officers took between 20 and 30 minutes to attend the scene of the bank. Initially, the RCIPS had responded to those concerns by confirming that the first uniformed officer attended the bank 16 minutes after the initial call.  

“However, having reviewed the incident, we can now confirm that two plain clothes officers were on scene within eight minutes of the initial 911 call. These officers attended the scene while operational staff set up road blocks and undertook other operational duties relating to the incident.” 

CNB Bank robbery 2

The white Toyota sedan used by the robbers smashed into an armoured van outside the Cayman National Bank branch on Thursday. – Photo: Stuart Wilson


  1. Clearly the security guard had zero effect on both pre and post bank heist. They should be replaced with guard dogs and handlers. The YouTube of Dobies taking down these punks would be so cool to watch. Time to send a message to these gang bangers that we got teeth aimed at you.

  2. I agree with Bethinking that the Security Guards had no effect, but in their defense what is an unarmed Security Officer really supposed to do in the event of an ARMED ROBBERY ?

  3. Noted that progress has been made in the arrest of one suspect and the recovery of some of the money taken. The other two remain at large. However, upon questioning the police should be able to obtain some information about the other two partners in crime involved the robbery, their whereabouts etc.

  4. Wanna know what is more effective than dogs and a handler.

    And 96 year old cripple with a gun. Gun is the operative word.

    Now put a mid 30’s to 40’s security guard with a gun, and you have no crime.

    See how simple that is?!

  5. Presumably the Spacesaver spare on the front nearside hardly helped them make a quick getaway?

    My guess is that RCIPS are not exactly looking for criminal masterminds here.

  6. We often go to a bank in France. There are two doors, both locked, one behind the other.

    To enter the first one you press a buzzer, someone inside sees you and presses the switch that opens the first door. Now you are between the doors.

    Press another buzzer and the second door opens and you are in the bank. The second door will not open if the first door is open.

    No one can get in wearing a mask or if they look in any way threatening.
    There is no security guard by the door to threaten.

    Nor can they get out easily as you have to go through the same procedure in reverse.

    Extra time taken by customer, maybe 20 seconds.

  7. Unfortunately the cops and the thugs are way too interrelated here. So do not expect any real results. Back in the day, sleep deprivation, lack of food and water and now with the advent of water boarding could make this gang banger talk. Bring in the ex-military folks from the US and UK and then you will see real results. Anybody that points a weapon at an innocent just gave up all their rights. Get the right people to deliver that message.

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