Voters lists posted

Three polling locations changed

The official Register of Electors that came into effect on 1 July is now available for inspection at Cayman Islands government post offices and public libraries.  

Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez said the lists were being delivered to all districts in Grand Cayman on Friday. 

Lists were posted in Cayman Brac on Saturday. The Little Cayman list can be viewed at the District Officer’s Residence and Village Square.  

The electronic list on the Elections Office website was to be posted on Saturday night, 30 June. It can be viewed at

The new list is the one in effect for the “one man, one vote” referendum to be held on Wednesday, 18 July. The list has been known for some time because there were no changes to the 21 April Revised List. 

Immediately after each voter’s name on the list is a column showing the polling division that voter should attend to cast his or her vote. Most people who voted in 2009 will find that the location of their polling division and station has not changed. 

There are three exceptions, all in West Bay. Mr. Gomez explained that three churches used previously had already scheduled programmes or conferences that could not be cancelled and so their buildings were not available. 

The polling divisions are listed below. At each division, voters will be assigned different stations depending on the first letter of their surname. 



West Bay North West (WBNW), Presbyterian Church of Boatswain Bay, 182 Boatswain Bay Rd. This location replaces the previous site, which was the New Testament Church of God. 

West Bay Central (WBC), Sir John A. Cumber Primary School, 44 Fountain Rd. 

West Bay East (WBE), Tent with air conditioning situated on vacant lot at intersection of Willie Farrington Drive and West Bay Road, across from Foster’s Republix. This site replaces the Church of Christ.  

West Bay South (WBS), Tent with air conditioning situated on vacant lot at 88 North West Point Rd. This site replaces John Gray Memorial United Church. 



George Town North (GTN), Victory Tabernacle Church, 325 Eastern Ave. 

George Town Central (GTC), George Town Primary School, 42 Gresscott Ln. 

George Town West (GTW), Cayman Prep Kindergarten School, 242 Smith Rd. 

George Town South (GTS), George Hicks High School Hall, 73 Academy Way. 

George Town East (GTE), Red Bay Primary School, 271 Shamrock Rd.  

Prospect (PROSP) Prospect Primary School, 169 Poindexter Rd. 



Savannah/Newlands (SAV/NEW), Savannah Primary School, 1659 Shamrock Rd. 

Bodden Town West (BTW), Agricultural Grounds, 199 Agricola Dr. 

Bodden Town East (BTE), Bodden Town Primary School, 6 Condor Rd. 



North Side (NS), North Side Primary School, 907 North Side Rd. 



East End (EE), East End Civic Centre, 80 John McLean Dr. 



Cayman Brac East (CBE), Creek Primary School, 28C Student Dr. 

Cayman Brac East 2 (CBE2) Spot Bay Primary School, 107B Spot Bay Rd. 

Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman (CBW&LC), West End Primary School, 10A West End Rd.