‘Obama’ got our vote for laughs

It was another two hilarious nights of fresh material to keep the Laughter Lounge crowd suitably entertained.

Promoters Rod Jefferson and Brad Watts have an inexhaustible stream of great stand-up American acts for the monthly nights that have become must-attend for many.

The shows were are at the Great Room in The Strand under Elements nightclub on Friday and Saturday. Hosted by Cory “Zooman” Miller, the feature performer was Joe Clair from 1st Amendment on Starz.

Miller is widely acclaimed for his brilliant impersonations, especially of United States President Barack Obama and he did not disappoint. He invited the audience to fire questions to his Obama character, which proved to be one of the best parts of his set. When asked why he endorsed gay marriage, Miller replied: “I believe they have the right to be just as miserable in marriage as straight folks.” He was also grateful to night-club strippers: “Who always supported me in the polls.”

Miller’s take on reggae dancehall culture resonated with the crowd and his observations of Cayman’s roosters and their variable temperament is uniquely funny.

Clair certainly knows how to rinse a joke, even when the material seems doubtful. For instance, men urinating in the showers does not sound amusing, but he managed to get a bunch of laughs visually as well as orally from it. He also elicited laughter from his experiences of being the younger brother of an openly gay sibling who took him to gray pride events and how white women in porn films seem more sensual than black ones.

Fabulous entertainment. No wonder Jefferson and Watts are planning another comedy festival later this year.