Frasers can be among medals

The Cayman Islands is sending a small but strong team to the London Olympics and in swimming they have two of the world’s best in brothers Brett and Shaune Fraser.  

It is Shaune’s third and Brett’s second Olympiad and they hope to reach semi-final stages at least. 

The rest of the team includes track athletes Cydonie Mothersill (200 metres), Ronald Forbes (110m hurdles) and Kemar Hyman (100m).  

Brett, 22, said: “I have set some expectations for myself and want to realise them in the Games. Right now I’m just trusting in all the training that I’ve done four years, it’s really set the foundation for me.  

“All the hard work’s done and I’m just doing some fine tuning now, making some adjustments and getting a lot of rest. I would love to see myself in a final and once you get in one everyone has a chance, so that’s one of my favourite goals right now.” 

The brothers have broken numerous records and secured many medals at the highest level, the best being Brett’s 200m freestyle gold at the Pan American Games in Mexico last year when Shaune took silver. Shaune also won bronze in the 100m free.  

The Frasers train at the University of Florida campus with Ryan Lochte, the top American swimmer who is only second to Michael Phelps in accomplishments. The Frasers have top notch coaching in Anthony Nesty who was an Olympic champ for Suriname in 1988.  

Brett’s events in London are 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle. Shaune, 24, goes in the 100m and 200m freestyle and 100m butterfly. The Games start on 27 July and run to 12 August.  

“After seeing not just Ryan but everyone in the US Olympic team swim at their trials recently, they were nothing less than outstanding.” said Brett. “And we’ve been doing the same training, got the rest and been making the final preparations.  

“Our coaches are expecting big things and I think big things are on their way for the Cayman Islands as well. For the past couple of months, our schedule has been pretty hectic with six hour training days. I only get Sundays truly off, it’s a full-time job.  

“It’s starting to get a lot more fun now though, the excitement is starting to build day by day, I’ve been in enough international competitions now so that the nerves go away a bit, but not completely. There is always going to be nerves.  

“I went to Beijing, I guess, to watch and get the experience. This time I’m there to compete in London.” 

Lori Powell is the chef de mission on the London trip, Bruce Blake the attache and Carson Ebanks the secretary-general.  

Olympics Cayman Islands

Golden team, from left, Lori Powell, Bruce Blake, Shaune Fraser, Kemar Hyman, Brett Fraser, Donald McLean and the Governor Duncan Taylor. – PHOTO: RON SHILLINGFORD