Webb’s Ritzy night

Jeffrey Webb, FIFA Vice President and President of the Confederation of North Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF), is hosting a CONCACAF executive committee meeting and strategic retreat in Grand Cayman this week.

The gathering is to focus on the objectives, vision, structure, and governance of CONCACAF, with emphasis on financial planning, competitions, development and branding. It started on Thursday and runs until Sunday.

“This occasion is not only important in the history of football in the Cayman Islands, but it is also important in the history of CONCACAF,” said Webb, who was elected CONCACAF president two months ago.

“This will mark a turning point for CONCACAF, as during the retreat we will analyse every aspect of the confederation, with the aim of creating a business plan.

“We will be reviewing everything from the structure to the finances of CONCACAF. Our aim is to ensure that CONCACAF is properly positioned as a major sporting organisation to serve and complement its member associations and to develop football throughout the region.”

The Governor, Duncan Taylor, hosted the CONCACAF executive committee members at a reception at the Governor’s House on Thursday and the Cayman Islands Football Association hosts a gala dinner in Webb’s honour at the Ritz-Carlton on Friday.

Webb held a meet and greet at the government building last month, alongside Minister of Sports Mark Scotland and new chairman of the Cayman Islands Football Association Bruce Blake.

The 47-year-old banker is aware of the acute problems facing him and said: “I am fully aware of the issues and I’m going to approach them with honour, commitment and determination. We’re going to turn the corner. I’m going to make sure this organisation is treated with the prestige and honour that it deserves.”