3 charged in WestStar robbery

Same men charged for CNB robbery 



Three men appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday charged with robbing WestStar TV Ltd on 24 May and stealing in excess of CI$8,000. 

Each is charged separately and accused of being with three others. 

They are Andre Nicholas Burton, 27, of a West Bay address; George Eric Mignott, 23, of North Sound Estates; and David Joseph Tamasa, 32, of West Bay.  

A second charge for each man alleges possession of an imitation firearm, on the basis of robbing the business on Eclipse Drive, George Town, with three others who were in possession of suspected handguns. 

Chief Magistrate Nova Hall denied bail and transmitted the charges to Grand Court, where the men are scheduled to appear on Friday, 27 July. 

Burton and Mignott were previously brought to court on charges relating to the 28 June robbery at the Cayman National Bank branch in Buckingham Square in which over $500,000 was stolen (Caymanian Compass, 11 July). They are due in Grand Court on Friday, 20 July. 

Tamasa was brought to court last week in connection with the CNB matter, charged with robbery and possession of an imitation firearm with intent to commit robbery. 

He also is due in Grand Court on Friday, 20 July, but his name is listed 
as Tomassa.