Locals can show Olympic spirit

The Cayman Islands Olympic Committee has recently renovated their office space to include a souvenir shop area, a resource centre space, a conference room and a store room.

This was possible through funding from Olympic Solidarity and through the generosity of the Olympic Committee President Donald McLean, who has donated office space to the Committee for many years. McLean has recently granted additional space.

The first items for sale in this new space have been the London 2012 Games pins. These have been very popular both locally and overseas and will definitely be a hot item for collectors at the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. At the Games, Cayman will have five athletes taking part in sprinters Cydonie Mothersill and Kemar Hyman, hurdler Ronald Forbes and swimming brothers Shaune and Brett Fraser.

The Olympic Committee has now added Cayman Fan T-shirts to their inventory, which have been designed by local artist and past national swimming athlete Kaitlyn Elphinstone. The shirts are not Games specific and can be used by Cayman supporters for any sports event locally or overseas.

The shirts have the Olympic Committee logo with Olympic rings, which are wrapped around the body of the shirt. The words “Cayman Islands” are on the front, with “CAY-FAN” on the back. They have been produced in various sizes in three colours – red, blue and white. Fan baseball caps have also been produced in white and are available for purchase as well.

In the very near future, additional souvenir items will be in stock. The public will be advised through regular updates on the Olympic Committee website.

Souvenir items are sold during the regular office opening hours, Monday through Friday, 9am–4.30pm. However, there are days when only one staff members is in the office or may be out of the office for lunch or to run errands, so the public is encouraged to call the office at 946-6984 before stopping by.

Due to the great demand for shirts and pins leading up to the London 2012 Olympic Games, the office will be open this week Saturday, 21 July between 9am–12pm midday only.